Boomverzorger Taillebroek, Technical Extreme



M 50/52
Art. nr.: 529 51 59‑50
Arborist trousers
M 50/52
Jas/ broekmaat [alpha] M
Maat jas / broek [numeriek] 50/52
Art. nr.: 529 51 59‑50
Arborist trousers
S 46/48
Jas/ broekmaat [alpha] S
Maat jas / broek [numeriek] 46/48
Art. nr.: 595 21 77‑46
Arborist trousers
XL 58/60
Jas/ broekmaat [alpha] XL
Maat jas / broek [numeriek] 58/60
Art. nr.: 595 21 77‑58
EN ISO 11393
Approved according to


Designed for the challenges of climbing and working in trees, the Technical Extreme Arbor trouser offers a combination of safety, agility and function. With strong and light Dyneema®, Cordura® and Kevlar® reinforcements it is made to withstand wear in areas most needed. The design combines the key features of the Technical Extreme range with features adapted to the needs of arborists to fit with climbing gear. Size S–XL.