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Husqvarna’s trimmers and brushcutters – designed to better your business

Reduce the weight and increase the efficiency. That’s on the top of our list when we at Husqvarna develop new features for our trimmers and brushcutters. Here’s a closer look at what we’ve invented to make your business better.

More power, less impact

The X-Torq technology optimises the engine so that you get more power when you need it most. Compared to a trimmer without X-Torq, it exhausts up to 75% less harmful emissions and it increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%. All in all: it’s a technology that works for your economy as well as the environment.

Get to work faster

Smart Start is Husqvarna’s name for the technology that evens out the increase of momentum that develops when the piston reaches its highest level. This makes it easier to pull the starter rope, which – in the long run – saves both time and money for you and your business.

Quick and easy cord-feed

With our Tap-n-Go™ feature you can just bump the trimmer head to the ground to feed new cord. That means that you can forgo the time consuming task of placing the trimmer on the ground to manually release more cord. Compared with trimmer heads from other manufacturers, Husqvarna trimmer heads consist of fewer parts, which make it easier to install new trimmer line when needed.

525LK, 525 LK

Click-on attachments

With our combi trimmers or brushcutters you can choose from a wide range of click-on attachments to create a truly versatile work tool. You can go from trimming to hedge cutting, blowing or pole sawing in a matter of seconds – and you only have to warm up and maintain one machine. The detachable shaft also makes the machine less bulky to store and move.

High handlebar

Many of our brushcutters come with the high offset post feature, which is unique to Husqvarna. The handlebar is placed in a bit of a distance from the tube. It will be easier for you to move your legs without hitting the handlebar, which makes for an ergonomic and more efficient way of working.

A uniquely comfortable harness

Our patented BalanceXT™ Harness is unique on the market with its moveable yoke on the back. This yoke makes the shoulder straps follow your movements, evenly distributing the weight of the brushcutter over your hips and shoulders. You can also move the yoke to adjust the size of the harness. And by removing a piece from the chest part, the harness will be comfortable no matter the size of your breasts.

545RXT, Brushcutter, Petrol, Harness Balance XT

Low vib system

The engines in several of our trimmers and brushcutters are separated from the handles with very effective anti-vibration dampeners that absorb vibrations, prohibiting them from reaching your body. This spares your arms and hands and lets you work more comfortably during longer shifts.

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