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Better tools that make you work better in nature. That’s the passion that drives us every day. It’s the force that fuels our constant innovation, commitment to quality and determination to succeed. And that is why we offer you products and solutions with new, relevant features to make your job easier and your results better. Every season, every year.

For more than three centuries, we have been in the forefront designing, testing and making highly engineered products to meet your needs with the latest technologies in order to set ever higher standards. Why? Because we believe you always deserve better – and we want to make sure you get it.

As cities grow so fast around the globe, we are determined to maintain our precious green spaces in a truly sustainable way. Today, we are proud to serve outdoor professionals and gardeners in more than 100 countries. It proofs that true quality, user-friendly engineering and expertise is a language that everyone understands. 

Generations of people around the world– whether they work in forests and parks, create new landscapes or shape their own home gardens – have trusted us to provide them with high quality, durable products made with precision and care. We are committed to ensure that the future generations will trust us just as much.

Husqvarna. Ready when you are.

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  • Testimonial Australia
    Od profesionalaca

    Horticulturalist Melissa McPherson on the Husqvarna 525 trimmer: “I can go all day and not even flinch”

    Ergonomics, fuel efficiency and a machine that’s a pleasure to work with. Those are the things that make the Husqvarna 525 trimmer worth bickering about, according to horticulturalist Melissa McPherson. “My apprentice and I fight over it every day”, says Melissa McPherson and adds: “I always win”.

  • Factory
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    Više od 325 godina inovativnosti

    Od početka od 1689, Husqvarna, sada dio Husqvarna grupe, je proizvela  široki asortiman kvalitetnih proizvoda. Izvrsna inženjerskim znanja, jak preduzetnički duh i strast za kvalitetom proizvoda, vodili su do inovativnih rešenja, uspešnim prelaskom kompanije od proizvodnje oružja, preko šivaćih strojeva, peći i motocikla, današnjih snažnih uređaja za sečenje za rad na otvorenom.

  • Testimonial Holland Hedgetrimmer
    Od profesionalaca

    "Mašine koje mogu da izgrade ili sruše kompaniju"

    Sa 18 godina iskustva 21 zaposlenim, Booiman Tuinen BV je moderna, uspešna komapnija za održavanje zelenila srednje veličine. Ovo je njihov pogled na važnost pouzdane opreme.