Elektrische gazonmaaiers en accumaaiers

HUSQVARNA LC 142i zonder accu en lader

Capaciteit werkgebied
500 m²
HUSQVARNA LC 142i zonder accu en lader - 970 54 18‑01
BioClip® kit
Verkrijgbaar als accessoire
BioClip® plug
Not included
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Battery lawnmower with super-easy start! Compact and lightweight battery lawn mower that’s very easy to use. Husqvarna LC 142i is a good choice for getting smooth and swift results. Super-easy to start, just push the bail and go! This electric cordless lawn mower is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens or for trimming smaller complex areas. Features the SavE™ mode for a great cut with less energy. Compatible with our 36V battery system.