Strong and versatile grass trimmers and brush cutters trusted by the pros

Husqvarna string trimmers and brushcutters are built to withstand whatever nature throws their way. They're not only powerful and dependable, but well-balanced, lightweight and amazingly easy to handle. As a result, you'll be ready to handle any trimming task, all day (and all season) long.

Prepare for a better workday

Husqvarna’s full range of professional battery products will supply a wide number of benefits – not only for you, but just as much for your customers and people in your surroundings. The battery-powered brushcutters and trimmers are powerful enough to take on heavy-duty tasks, adding general battery benefits such as the absence of emissions. Thanks to low noise and minimal vibrations, they will provide an easier, better workday.

Brushcutter 525LK, 525 LK

Efficient combi machines for varying needs

Our combi trimmers and brushcutters are really smart investments. First, you don't need to pack your trailer with several machines when travelling from job to job — just the various attachments to deal with upcoming tasks. Second, you only need to refuel and start up one machine. Finally, less time and money is wasted on maintenance and servicing several machines.

Brushcutter sweep diameter

Extend your cutting width

Husqvarna trimmers allow you to cut a significantly larger space compared to other brands. Thanks to an optimized transmission, robust engine and impressive gear ratio, each trimmer has the power to rotate a much longer trimmer line, delivering a wider clearing diameter per revolution.

525 Grass Trimmer, Melissa McPherson
A professional's opinion of the 525 trimmer
As a grounds manager at a shopping centre on the central coast, New South Wales, Australia, Melissa McPherson does everything from lawn care to weed hacking, hedge trimming and tree removal. She knows what kind of equipment she needs to be able to work at her best.
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Petrol Brushcutter 545RXT, Harness Balance XT
Designed to improve your business
Reduce the weight and increase the efficiency. That's at the top of our list when we at Husqvarna develop new features for our trimmers and brushcutters. Here's a closer look at what we've invented to make your business better.
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