Automower 305/310 Mark II/315 Mark II + Grass Trimmer 110iL
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5 things to consider when buying a grass trimmer in 2023

Modern grass trimmers are designed to suit different working conditions and users. But how do you find an optimal trimmer based on your needs? Here are some essential questions whose answers will lead you to the right decision.

What type of user am I?

How experienced am I in using a grass trimmer? Will I use it often or only occasionally? Husqvarna's trimmers are adapted to different types of users:

Convenient user
For occasional use and easier tasks in residential gardens, we have user-friendly trimmers designed for easy handling, without compromising on power or performance.

Advanced user
For advanced and frequent use, Husqvarna offers grass trimmers that can handle large gardens and tasks such as pruning coarse branches. They are equipped with technical solutions and advantages aimed at simplifying and making your work more efficient.

Professional user
To meet the demands of professional users, our most sophisticated battery products have been developed with long and demanding working days in mind. These trimmers are durable and robust, withstand heavy-duty and professional use, and provide maximum power and performance to cope with tough challenges.

What kind of job will I be doing?

If you work a lot in tall grass or overgrown areas outside the garden, you need a more high-performing trimmer with suitable attachments, or a brushcutter. For areas with short grass, we offer several trimmers that match the needs of a well-kept garden.

Smart storage solutions for my cluttered space

Some of our grass trimmers are equipped with a split or telescopic shaft so that they are easy to store and transport.

Will I need versatility?

Do you want to be able to perform many different types of tasks? We offer convenient combi trimmers for multi-use. You get an extremely flexible tool with attachments like blower, hedge trimmer, surface cleaners, cultivator, and pruner.

Which power source is right for my trimming: battery or petrol?

Husqvarna offers both battery and petrol options in all sizes. One benefit with the battery alternative is of course that no fuel is used. And no fuel means no fuel spills, no need to carry spare fuel, and no cost and time of mixing two-stroke oil. Simply insert the 36v battery and you've got all the power you need to get the job done. Battery-powered grass trimmers also tend to be easier to operate and starting the motor typically involves the simple push of a button.

When it comes to battery powered machinery, it is important to consider that the larger the lawn or task, the larger the battery will need to be. For easy help to find the right solution, please check our battery runtime chart.

How long will the BLi-X 36V battery last?

Download 36V battery runtime chart
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