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How Husqvarna connects to people, communities and the environment

Learn how Husqvarna connects to people, communities and the environment.

Connected to people

Husqvarna believes working outdoors is more than a livelihood: It’s a calling. That’s why, whether we’re designing a chainsaw for a forester or building a lawn mower for a landscaper, we strive for a high level of quality and workmanship. Our mission is to help hardworking people achieve their dreams.

Industry Associations and Organization Sponsorships

As a result of Husqvarna’s dedication to quality, we’ve formed relationships with prominent professional associations and training organizations. We hope to empower professionals to operate our products safely and efficiently, while supporting the industry, through our partnerships with these groups:

Connected to the community

Husqvarna understands the importance of investing in the local community. Through our sponsorships and other activities, we hope to encourage sustainable economic growth and better spaces for living.

Husqvarna Loves Parks

Husqvarna is passionate about caring for green spaces, and the “Husqvarna Loves Parks” initiative was born of that passion. Since the effort began, staff members have used Husqvarna products to improve natural areas in Australia, the Netherlands and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Connected to the environment

Cutting-Edge Robotics

Husqvarna has lead the way in engineering and innovation for over 325 years. Never a company to be satisfied with yesterday’s accomplishments, we’re blazing a trail in the field of robotics. We believe robots represent the next technological leap forward in the green industry. As a result, we’ve spent more than 20 years developing Automower®, the most versatile and sophisticated robot lawn mower on the planet. In the coming years, we expect to see these amazing machines on residential and commercial spaces across the globe.

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Sustainability @ Husqvarna

Challenging ourselves, inspiring others

As a leader in the outdoor power industry, we feel it's our responsibility to help drive the industry toward a more electric, sustainable future. Read more about our "Sustainovate" initiative and learn how you too can make better choices for our environment and the planet.