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Choose a top-rated Husqvarna leaf blower to make quick work of leaves, grass clippings, and more. From handheld to backpack blowers, our range is designed for homeowners and pros. Experience the difference with Husqvarna's efficient leaf blowers.

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Which leaf blower to buy?

With our leaf blowers you can get rid of leaves, straw, grass, cobwebs, sand and gravel without any hard work. With high power, low vibrations and a smoother starting you can be sure your leaf blower will handle the task smoothly.

With high blowing capacity and an ergonomic design they are comfortable to use, choose the leaf blower that suits you the best. We have a category range of battery and electric leaf blowers, gas leaf blowers and also professional leaf blowers if you are in the commercial sector. Our leaf blower buying guide can help you find the best solution for your needs.