Buying Advice

Things to keep in mind when buying a zero-turn mower

Whether your mowing needs are residential or commercial, a zero-turn mower provides the maneuverability and performance to significantly reduce your mowing and trim time. Here are a few tips to help you select the best zero-turn for your mowing needs.

Originally built exclusively for commercial use, Husqvarna now offers a wide range of zero-turn mowers for residential use, engineered right alongside our commercial models. This means they can handle heavy-duty mowing tasks on large properties efficiently, quickly and easily.

Are you a professional or homeowner?

When deciding on a new zero-turn mower the most important factor is the size of the area that you will cut. Our residential zero-turn mowers for homeowners are generally smaller, which means they take up less space when stored and they can also navigate through smaller passages on your property. With cutting decks ranging from 42 inches to pass through narrow gates, all the way up to 61 inches allowing you to cut over 4 acres per hour, we have a zero-turn to fit your specific residential need.

If you are looking for a new zero-turn mower for professional use, we have a wide range with powerful engine options, larger cutting decks and bigger fuel tanks. Our commercial zero-turn models are faster and built to handle large acreage, cutting up to 7 acres per hour.


General facts about Husqvarna zero-turn mowers

  • Our zero-turn mowers are durable, with a heavy-duty frame and offer powerful, reliable engine options. All components are designed to withstand demanding use over long periods.
  • The control placement and operator position and interface on our zero-turn riding lawn mowers provide an intuitive and ergonomic mowing experience. Our vibration-dampening design provides increased comfort and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Large, wide rear wheels put less pressure on the lawn surface, which means they flatten the grass less, allowing the blades to reach the grass more efficiently. A low center of gravity provides better traction and stability: an advantage if the ground is uneven.
  • Our zero-turns are equipped with an efficient cooling system to operate at an optimal temperature for those long hot days.