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Husqvarna products are sold by authorized dealers and qualified retailers, many of whom have worked professionally in forest, lawn and garden related jobs. You will receive expert assistance when you purchase a Husqvarna product or bring it in for service and repairs.


Husqvarna authorized dealers and service workshops

At Husqvarna, we constantly strive for your satisfaction. Service is no exception and all our authorized dealers offer technicians who are professionally trained in servicing your Husqvarna products.


Frequently asked questions

Find and read answers to frequently asked questions about Husqvarna products and support help, such as warranty coverage, manuals and parts lookup, serial numbers and locating a dealer.

Register your Husqvarna product

By registering your product, you make it easier for us to offer quick support when you have questions about your product.

Download manuals and documentation

Lost your manual? No worries, here you can download all operator's manuals or other product related documentation for free. community support forum

Our community of customers can provide suggestions to your product related questions.