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DIY Installation - What's Included

To complete a DIY installation, you’ll need a pair of pliers, a mallet and a small garden shovel. Everything else you need is included with your Automower®!

Watch these short videos for Step-by-Step Instructions on Installing your Automower®

Step 1: Selecting a Location for the Charging Station
Step 2: Charging the Mower
Step 3: Laying the Boundary Wire
Step 4: Creating an Island
Step 5: Laying the Guide Wire

Automower® Installation FAQs

No, the wire can also be stapled to the surface of the ground with the staples included in the installation kit. In a few weeks, the wire will disappear into your lawn.

Yes, the same wire is used for both the guide and boundary.

Yes, we recommend mowing your lawn prior to installation. Cut the lawn short around the perimeter so the wire can lay as close to the ground as possible.

Yes, first plug the power supply into the low voltage cable and then plug the low voltage cable into the charging station. Next, plug the power supply into a 110V outlet. Set the mower's main switch to position 1 and push Automower® into the charging station. 

Yes, an island can be added after the initial install by splicing into the boundary wire. You can purchase a splicing kit and additional wire here.

It is always best to install a guide wire to help Automower® get home more quickly when needed. Note, the 115H requires a guide wire to return home.

No, as long as you received the wire from Husqvarna it will work with your mower.

While you can purchase your own wire, we recommend using the wire included with your  Husqvarna installation kit as it's tested and proven for optimal performance.

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