Arborists & Tree Care Professionals

Legendary, trusted tree care supplies and equipment

Husqvarna is proud to offer a full ecosystem of arborist supplies and tree climbing gear for professional tree care. Our innovative products and services make life in the treetops easier, more profitable and more convenient.

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Our Commitment to Tree Care Professionals

  • Class-leading innovations
    We’re actively working to advance the industry and create class-leading products, such as our professional battery saws with power on par with their gas equivalents. 
  • Products developed by and for professionals
    We are a pioneering global brand where product development is based on real user’s experience and feedback to create the ultimate professional products. 
  • Full ecosystem of solutions
    We’re proud to offer a full line of professional tree care equipment, including tools, parts, accessories and gear, all designed to work together to ensure a safe and productive work day. 
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