The new Husqvarna 90cc chainsaws were developed to meet the toughest demands of tree professionals in the most user-friendly way possible. They're ready to meet heavy-duty challenges with power output, user-centric design and excellent maneuverability. They're built to endure and offer true reliability. In short, they're made to deliver the ultimate workday.


More powerful: best-in-class cutting capacity

The Husqvarna 592 XP® delivers best-in-class* cutting capacity. The saw's dominant cutting capacity is due to the combination of an extremely powerful X-Torq® engine and the razor-sharp C85 or C83 X-Cut® chain making the user better and faster while providing an improved cutting experience.

*When compared to closest competitor in the same displacement class, STIHL MS 661 C-M

More efficient – best in class power-to-weight

When compared to competitor models in the same displacement class, Stihl MS 661 C-M and Stihl MS 661 MAGNUM, the new 592 XP® offers an unbeatable combination of low weight and high power output levels that make you more efficient. The saw's perfect balance is the result of an optimized center of gravity and the X-Tough™ Light bar, which together ensure easier maneuvering and a more efficient workday.

More reliable: easy starts and vital dependability

Husqvarna 592 XP® features new starting technology that provides easier starts and makes the chainsaw more reliable. Thanks to AutoTune™ 3.0, the engine settings are always optimized for maximum performance in all conditions, which will keep you going no matter the challenges. Startups are streamlined, with only one starting procedure required no matter the conditions or temperature of the engine, further improving the saw's reliability. Additionally, the saw is equipped with a heavy-duty air filter with rubber sealing and robust crankcase that handles bars up to 36".

Campaign image X-Tough Light bar

Equipped with the best bars and chains

Husqvarna's 90cc saws come equipped with our new X-Tough™ Light guide bars or X-Tough™ guide bars. X-Tough™ Light bars offer robust performance with a reduced weight that improves maneuverability, while X-Tough™ bars are made from solid steel for a long lifetime and straight cuts with minimal pinching. Plus the saws come equipped X-Cut® chains for enhanced durability and sharpness that lasts.


More powerful and more convenient

Husqvarna’s new 90cc range also includes the Husqvarna 585, a durable workhorse characterized by an excellent mix of traditional technology with needle carburetor, user-centric design and modern performance. The saw delivers excellent cutting capacity – 17% higher than the Husqvarna 390 XP® – as well as improved vibration levels and optimized maneuverability for an improved cutting experience.

Testimonial Chainsaw 585 Emily Roberts

More durable: fit for heavy-duty challenges

The Husqvarna 585 is built to be more durable day in and day out. The robust design with high-quality components, an easy-to-adjust carburetor and heavy-duty air filtration make it easy to take on the most challenging tasks. This is a chainsaw that’s ready to deliver and built to last.