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Legendary chainsaws that get the job done for professionals

Husqvarna chainsaws are renowned with pros around the world for their unrivaled performance on the job site. Any chainsaw comparison will show the high cutting capacity, innovative features and unmatched durability of our lineup. Whether you need the best all-around chainsaw or the most powerful chainsaw for tree work, you’ll find the right commercial solution with Husqvarna.

Professional chainsaws

Chainsaw 572 XP

Superior maneuverability

Husqvarna wants you to feel comfortable when working all day with our chainsaws. We don't just think about engine power and acceleration when we develop our saws – our aim is to make the most powerful production chainsaw as well as the best lightweight chainsaw in the same package. That's why our latest models are both lightweight and sleek. And we've lowered the front handle and narrowed the distance between the handle and the center of gravity, making it easy to twist and turn even our most powerful commercial chainsaws.

Chainsaw 560XP

Lower vibrations for better health and safety while working

What is the best chainsaw to buy for lower vibrations? Husqvarna’s LowVib® vibration dampening technology allows you to work comfortably and efficiently while helping to reduce your risk of experiencing “vibration white finger” (VWF) during continuous chainsaw use. LowVib® saws have their tank and handles separated from the engine and cutting equipment with carefully tuned anti-vibration elements, which keeps the vibrations in the handles at comparatively low levels. This allows you to work more comfortably and safely until the job is done.


Impressively low vibrations ensure extended usage.
Auto Tune ensures your engine performance, regardless of conditions.
Air Injection™ is a sophisticated air filter system that reduces wear, and keeps filters clean longer.
Chainsaw vibration test

Tested under extreme conditions for the most reliable chainsaw performance

All Husqvarna chainsaws undergo intensive testing, both in laboratories and in the field, with the goal of ensuring we produce the best chainsaws on the market. Our saws are exposed to hundreds of hours of extreme running under pressure, both in the heat and the cold, so that you can rest assured your Husqvarna will work as hard as you every day.