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Top of your game

Renowned within the industry for having some of the best arborist equipment on the market, Husqvarna offers both battery and gas top-handle chainsaws that are slim, lightweight, convenient and powerful. Features such as LowVib® and Air Injection™ enable you to work non-stop with the highestperformance, even when you are facing challenging work in really difficult conditions.

Chainsaw T540XP, T540 XP

Boost your productivity

Husqvarna top handle gas chainsaws are fitted with the latest innovative engine technology to help improve performance and increase productivity.
Our arborist top handle chainsaws are equipped with the automatic engine management system AutoTune™ which automatically compensates for air filter condition, fuel mix, altitude and weather conditions to ensure optimal performance, while reducing stoppages and downtime. X-Torq® engines also help improve fuel efficiency by up to 20%, and increase torque by up to 28%.

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Designed for an easy start

When working in trees, the last thing an arborist needs is a chainsaw which is difficult to start – especially given the stop-start nature of the job. So, we designed our range of top handle chainsaws with a number of helpful features to ensure a quick and easy start.
One feature is the auto-return stop switch which makes sure the chainsaw is always ready to run and prevents the engine from flooding. While our battery-powered chainsaws feature an intuitive press and go keypad.

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Power without compromise

Our battery top handle chainsaws are not only powerful, they’re also quieter than gas saws and produce no direct emissions. You don't need to compromise on power and performance just because you are using an electric saw.
Our battery-powered top handle chainsaws are just as powerful as their gas equivalent ¬– but with zero direct emissions. They are also cordless, which gives you the freedom to work in a multitude of different environments. One of the biggest advantages of using an electric chainsaw is how quiet they are. So you can work without worrying about disturbing the people and the environment around you.

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