Coming in clutch

Experience high power and kick-start energy at the start of every cut with the centrifugal clutch. Delivering a throttle response similar to traditional gas-powered models, you'll feel the clutch engage, initiating a burst of energy that results in higher productivity and cutting capabilities.

T542i XP top handle chainsaw

Restart with a head start

Stay in the cut longer with the convenient restart function. When the chainsaw comes to a stop while cutting in a tree or log, you can restart without having to release your fingers from the trigger or change the position of your hands – for a smoother, more efficient workday.

T542i XP top handle chainsaw

Get more done – with ease

With outstanding cutting capacity, you can cut more and stay working longer. In fact, based on internal testing, the T542i XP® delivers up to 10% more cuts than our T540i XP® – for a more productive and rewarding workday.

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