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Winter lawn care and yard maintenance tips

Winter is a great time to stay bundled up indoors. But don’t forget about your yard! Even if you're not mowing the lawn in winter, attentiveness will set you up for a successful spring.

1. Prepare for colder temperatures with proper apparel

Be sure to invest in rubber boots, cold-season gloves and the other high-performance apparel you’ll need to stay warm and comfortable while working in chilly conditions.

2. Clean up the lawn as early in the season as possible

Taking care of the lawn in winter is important! In a perfect world, leaves and debris were cleaned up thoroughly during the fall. However, autumn is football season as well as leaf-blowing season, and it’s easy to stay busy on the weekends. So, if you haven’t already, get out the leaf blower and make sure your lawn looks clean and ready for colder weather.

3. Following cleanup, avoid walking on the grass

This tip is very important. Warm season grasses go dormant during the winter, meaning they won’t grow like they do during the spring and summer months. Because of this, frost won’t usually damage grass blades permanently. However, if frozen and brittle grass is tread on too often, both the appearance and health of the turf will suffer. Avoid walking on grass whenever possible.

To reduce the impact of foot traffic on your lawn year-round, consider the Automower® robotic lawn mower.

4. Chop or cut firewood

Don’t wait until the temperature bottoms out to think about stocking up on firewood. Use a Husqvarna wood splitting axe or chainsaw to chop or cut the wood fuel you need for the winter ahead. You can also pick up a log tote to make transport and storage a bit easier.

5. Winterize your power equipment

It’s important to the health of your power equipment that you avoid leaving fuel in the engine over the winter months. You can avoid having to deal with a clogged carburetor and other problems by adding a fuel stabilizer or running the engine dry prior to putting a product away for the winter.

Of course, if you use Husqvarna battery equipment, you’ll avoid the problem of stale fuel altogether.

6. Snow blow any paved areas

Walking in a winter wonderland is a lot more fun than it sounds. Keep sidewalks, driveways and other areas clear of snow using a Husqvarna snow blower.

If you have a Husqvarna lawn tractor, you can use a handy attachment such as a snow blade or blower. And for the ultimate in winter performance, add tire chains and a snow cab to your tractor.

7. In late winter/ early spring, apply a fungicide

As melting snow and spring rains bring additional moisture to your yard, it’s important to apply a fungicide to the turf to avoid fungus and disease.