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Charge a new path in commercial landscaping – Introducing the 525i series

Commercial landscapers need powerful tools that are equipped to handle a changing future. We’ve created a 40-volt ecosystem of powerful 500- series battery-powered solutions to help you take charge.

Powerful Performance, Commercial Construction

Commercial landscapers like you need a trimmer they can depend on. Our brushless E-TORQ motor provides performance equivalent to a 25cc gas powered engine while the ExoGuard™ metal skid plate protects the powerhead.

With IPX4 weather resistant certification, you and your crews can operate the 525iLST battery string trimmer rain or shine.

Curved Shaft or Straight Shaft? We’ve got both!

Wondering which 525i-series edger is perfect for the ground and grass type? Let us help you decide.

Curved Shaft Edgers:

  • Are ideal for light-duty edging and softer dirt conditions
  • Offer better view of the blade
  • Faster blade speed

Straight Shaft Edgers:

  • Feature solid steel shaft for durability
  • Have a slower, stronger blade speed
  • Are ideal for heavy-duty edging and harder dirt conditions

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PRO Battery Products, IPX4 standard, 500-series
Wet weather catch you by surprise?
Operate rain or shine with our IPX4 certified 500-series battery products.
525iLST - String Trimmer
Balanced for comfort
Powerful BLi300 battery snaps into the center of the powerhead for balanced weight distribution and operator comfort.
525iLST, Grass trimmer, Battery, Metal skid plate
Protect your equipment
Our 525i powerheads come with the ExoGuard™ metal skid plate to protect against dings and drops.
40-C80 Charging Rail, Pick kit

Charging A Greener Tomorrow: Overnight Charging Rail

Your tools are only effective if your batteries are ready to go at the start of the day. Keep your fleet charged and ready to go with our overnight charging rail.

  • Healthy for batteries: low energy draw during overnight charging means low heat, extending the lifetime of your batteries.
  • Organization: Keep benches clear and wire-free with this wall-mounted charger with a single cord in the outlet (instead of 8).
  • Lightweight: Low weight for easy mounting on different wall types.
Battery Box, BLi-X system

Storage and Transportation Solutions

Keep your investment secure, whether in your shop or in the field, with our battery storage and transportation boxes. Our storage boxes are robust in their construction and stackable for efficient storage. Inserts provide for the safe storage of up to 6 batteries of different sizes.

Our Transportation boxes are UN3480 certified boxes for transporting Li-ion batteries safely and legally whether by air, sea or land. A special insert provides thermal insulation to protect the batteries from extreme heat or cold.

    525iLST - String Trimmer

    Battery-powered tools are light, quiet, and powerful

    Finally, battery-powered equipment built for pros! Our commercial battery lineup is ready to help you tackle a full day's work without sacrifice. Our 500-series tools offer the power and run-time you need to finish any job you take on.