The best of both worlds

It might look like just another ride-on mower. But prepare to be surprised, pleasantly surprised. Our new, professional hybrid front mower combines great manoeuvrability for complex tasks with impressive capacity to efficiently mow areas previously reserved for larger mowers. And while doing this, you have the chance to lower your carbon footprint. And – as an extra benefit – the hybrid mower’s standard configuration is “extra equipped”.

P 535HX

Versatile capacity

Working in crowded or noise sensitive areas can be a challenge when operating mowing equipment. Just as the exhausts can disturb the areas you move through when transporting yourself between your work areas.

With Husqvarna P 535HX this is no longer an issue. The hybrid functionality makes it possible to easily switch to a fully electric drive, minimizing your impact – not only on the people around you but to the environment.

It's also possible to activate electric mode when other accessories don't need diesel to operate; for example when powering a trailer. Electric battery power saves on fuel, enabling a better workday, and truly adds the “do not disturb” functionality to your operation. And since the battery is fully loaded after just 20 minutes of mowing, your next transport between areas will be as easy as, well, the proverbial walk in the park.

P 535HX Hybrid

Designed to give you a perfect overview

The Husqvarna P 535HX is packed with solutions that give you the best possible overview of every situation. Sitting in the comfortable, fully suspended Grammer seat, the new GUI (Graphic User Interface) display shows easily accessible functions and relevant information in full color. The included hydraulic kit will make it possible to use and control more attachments and decks. The machine has built-in connectivity to Husqvarna Fleet Services™*, our digital tool that allows you to gather and analyse operational data to improve your business. In addition, the exterior design will help you keep the task at hand firmly in your line of sight. The new, powerful dual LED headlights will improve visibility, both near and far away.

*Husqvarna Fleet Services™ subscription is required to use this function.

P 535HX Hybrid

High productivity, low environmental impact

The diesel-electric powertrain is the best of two worlds. The electric powertrain allows for a virtually silent transportation mode – 16dB(A) lower than conventional mowers*. It is also more efficient, providing you with up to 30% lower fuel consumption, as well as extra power for mowing. This will help your productivity, or save money on fuel costs while simultaneously reducing your carbon emissions. By adding plug-in charging (power supply sold as accessory) you will always be able to start with fully charged battery, while lowering your environmental footprint even more.

Last but not least, the powertrain provides accurate electronic traction control that contributes to safer, more efficient operation and good cutting results at all times. All in all, this translates into a consistently increased productivity.

*Measured on asphalt with one microphone setup placed at 7.5 m distance in accordance to ISO 732 – Measurement of noise emitted by accelerating road vehicles.