Welcome to the future of commercial turf care

An autonomous mowing solution from Husqvarna is set to change the world of commercial turf care. With its huge area capacity, CEORA™ robotic mower is great news for all green space professionals. Systematic cutting and virtual boundaries deliver superb results and easier-than-ever turf management, especially on larger surfaces. This low-noise and emissions-free mowing option will expand your horizons and help you embrace the future.

First sports team in the US to use CEORA™

Testimonial from Brett Myers, VP of Operations for the Louisville Bats 

At Husqvarna, we recognize the need to provide a wide variety of flexible solutions for today’s turf care professionals. That’s why we created CEORA™ - to deliver systematic, high-precision robotic mowing for large green spaces. CEORA™ cuts systematically in parallel tracks for maximum efficiency, or you can create custom work areas and schedules to fit any application. But don’t take our word for it – listen as Brett Myers, VP of Operations for the Louisville Bats, describes his experience as the first professional sports team in the US to use CEORA™.

Virtual boundaries = endless possibilities

CEORA™ features the Husqvarna EPOS™ (Exact Positioning Operating System), an innovative satellite-based technology that enables it to work within virtual boundaries. Husqvarna EPOS™ ensures new levels of flexibility and offers easy installation on areas with an unobstructed sky. It’s ideal for sports fields, golf courses, city parks or commercial properties, as the absence of boundary wires eliminates line breakages due to aerating or turf repair.

Fleet Services CEORA in app

Large-scale precision lawn care - at your fingertips

CEORA™ offers total turf control – all from your smart phone. Steering, defining cutting areas or changing the schedule is fast and simple. Husqvarna Fleet Services™ allows surveillance and map localization for full control and theft protection.

Low noise, emissions-free mowing
Husqvarna is committed to shaping great experiences, so that everyone can enjoy green spaces without machine noise or pollution. CEORA™ takes this several steps further, as this battery-powered mower offers a significantly smaller carbon footprint compared to gas-powered mowers and has no direct emissions while in use.
An updated clean machine
CEORA™ stays updated with the latest software via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air), while the ergonomic cutting deck service position allows for easy maintenance and handling. The cutting deck can also be tilted for quick access to the cutting discs and easy cleaning.

Want to hear more about CEORA™?

To find out more about the difference CEORA™ can make to your operations or to arrange a demonstration, fill out our sign up form and we’ll reach out to you!

Capacity for every turf quality

24/7 professional care for heavily-used grass with coverage of up to six acres

Optimal grass length and quality with coverage of up to 12 acres three times a week

Quality comparable to traditional mowing with coverage of up to 18 acres two times per week

CEORA Next Web Crop

CEORA™ Product Kit

Everything you need to get started
MSRP $32,829.94 

This starter kit includes all the recommended accessories for your initial, or any subsequent, installations of CEORA™. This kit includes: the CEORA™ 546 EPOS™, the CEORA™ RAZOR 43M Cutting Deck, the CEORA™ CS4 Charging Station, the Charging Station Support Plate, a Wheel Brush Kit and an EPOS™ Reference Station.

CEORA 544/546 Drive unit
Peak-performance robotic model for large-area mowing, featuring Husqvarna EPOS™ technology. Handles very large areas such as multiple sports fields and golf courses. Delivers professional-quality turf with low noise and zero emissions while in use.
CEORA RAZOR 43M Cutting deck
CEORA™ RAZOR 43M Cutting Deck
Tailor-made for CEORA™, this deck features a three-blade cutting system made from high-speed steel for professional cut quality. Ergonomic service position for easy maintenance and IPX5 classified for easy hose cleaning.
Charging station CS4
CEORA™ CS4 Charging Station
Charges CEORA™ automatically using the preprogrammed schedule. Batteries go from empty to full in 3 – 4 hours. Soft ground plates (sold separately) provide support when the station is on soft ground.
Bottom Plate Charging Station CS4
Charging Station Support Plate
Soft ground plate creates a stable surface when the charging station is on a soft surface, like grass.
CEORA Active wheel brushes
Wheel Brush Kit
Active wheel brush keeps drive wheels clean of clippings, improves traction and reduces maintenance. Includes two motors and two brushes.
EPOS Reference Station
EPOS™ Reference Station
Handles the RTK-GNSS signals between CEORA™ and the EPOS™ satellite system. Can manage several EPOS™ units per single installation. Work area up to 1,600 ft radius.