Automower 405X / 415X

As easy as ready, set, go

Let our professionals do the work. Lease Plus is the ultimate in easy ownership. Currently available on Automower®, it means we take full responsibility for installing, winter storing and servicing your product in a convenient three-year leasing agreement. All to keep your product running quietly and efficiently, so you can focus on other more important things. We can’t lease you a lawn, of course, but we can make sure you get a carpet-like look the neighbors will envy.

Automower® 36 months – From XX/month

  • Product and installation
  • Yearly service including software update
  • Winter storage
  • Free repairs*
  • Genuine Husqvarna Blades for the season

* Unless product is damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse or misapplication.

How it works – in four easy steps

Lease Plus is designed for people who want total peace of mind and a perfect lawn. Our starting point is always you and your needs. We also know that no two people have exactly the same requirements, so we try to be as flexible as possible. Having said that, here’s what a typical Lease Plus ownership journey looks like.

Teaser Automower 435X AWD
1. Select your ideal Automower® model
Husqvarna offers a wide range of Automower®, each with its own set of features and capacity in terms of the size of lawn they can tackle. Start by consulting with your local dealer to select the ideal model. Is the topography of your lawn hilly? Do you have a large lawn or several smaller lawns? Do you want GPS tracking in case of theft? The answers to these questions will determine your choice, and your dealer can support you.
Automower installation
2. Book an installation date
Together with your dealer, set an installation date that works for you. The professionals will then come and lay the boundary wires, position the charging stations (you might need more than one) and make any adjustments required in the firmware. Having a professional do this is important to secure safe and optimal performance.
Service Workshop
3. Get regular service notifications
When it’s time for yearly service, you will receive a service reminder. You can then bring Automower® to your dealer and be sure that it will get the best possible care during the winter. When spring arrives, you will then receive a notification that your mower is ready to go. As part of the yearly service, we also provide new blades, and of course free repairs as needed.
PGE Family Smart Lawn Care 1:1
4. Buy it or get a new lease
With Lease Plus, the standard lease period is 36 months, or three years. At the end of this time, you have the option to purchase your mower at its residual. You may also want to give it back and upgrade to a new Lease Plus contract. This way, you can always rest assured of having the latest, top-notch mower. The decision is all yours.
Automower 305

Cost-effective ownership

As a key part of this all-inclusive offering, Lease Plus removes any upfront costs associated with purchasing a Husqvarna Automower®. This way, you get top-level Husqvarna performance, quality and service, combined with monthly installments that go easy on your pocketbook. It will be the last time you cut the grass – or even worry about service and maintenance.