Connect Automower® to Google Home

The Automower® Connect and Amazon Alexa apps are available for Apple iOS and Android. Read ahead to see how you can connect your Automower® to Amazon Alexa.

Step 1.
Verify your Automower® model came with Automower® Connect, or install the Automower® Connect hardware on your compatible model.

Step 2.
Download the latest version of Automower® Connect on your smartphone. Create an account if you don’t have one, then connect Automower®.

Step 3.
Create a Google account (the free version will be sufficient for Automower® functions).

Step 4.
Download the Google Home app on your smartphone.
» How to do this

Step 5.
Make sure that your Google Home is set up correctly and connected to your Wi-Fi.
» How to do this

Step 6.
Say “Hey Google, talk to Automower®.” Google Home will detect that there is no link between the accounts and send a push notification to your phone. (For an alternate way to connect your mower, see below.)

Step 7.
Open the Google Home app and go to Discover (1).
Then choose Link (2) in the notification “Link to Automower®.”

Step 8.
Log in with your user data from Automower® Connect. Connect account. Otherwise Google will not be able to tell which product to use.

Step 9.
Choose Authorize (3).

Step 10.
Google Home and Automower® are connected!

Smart Home Integration
Smart Home Integration

Google Home connection, the alternate way

Steps 1–5
As described above.

Step 6.
Open the Google Home app and go to Account.

Step 7.
Select Settings and then the Services tab.

Step 8.
Select Explore, then use Search to find and choose Automower®.

Step 9.
Choose “Send to device” or “Link.”

Step 10.
Log in with your user data from Automower® Connect.

Step 11.
Choose Authorize (3).

Step 12.
Google Home and Automower® are now connected!

If you should still have trouble connecting Automower®, please create a ticket in PQ Tech Support.

Note: Make sure you only have ONE mower connected to Automower® Connect account. Otherwise Google Home will not be able to tell which product to use.

How do I know if Automower® is connected to Google Home?

Take these steps to verify your Automower® Connect account is properly set up in Google Home.

1. Open the Google Home app.

2. Select Account and then Settings.

3. Go to Services tab and select Explore.

4. Scroll through the list of apps for the Assistant, then select “Your Actions.”

5. Go to “Linked.”

6. In the list you should see Automower®.

Google Home, Automower 435X AWD