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SmartSwitch™ keyless ignition riding lawn mowers

The future has arrived in outdoor power equipment. Featuring a revolutionary new electronic operator interface with real time feedback and "keyless" security for the cutting-edge mowing experience, SmartSwitch mowers are Husqvarna's top-rated riding lawn mowers.

SmartSwitch keyless ignition system for riding mowers

We asked customers what they would like to see on future riding lawn mowers, the results were always the same. “Make it easier to start”, “if something is wrong, tell me somehow”, “can you make it more secure around my children?” The new SmartSwitch ignition brings the convenience of one touch starting, real-time feedback and “keyless” security to riding mowers. With push start ignition, there are no more complicated starting procedures, lost keys or concerns of leaving unattended. Reasonably priced, the keyless ignition switch zero turn and lawn tractors offer the best value you'll find among riding lawn mowers.

SmartSwitch™ zero turn mowers

Husqvarna residential zero turn lawn mowers delivers maneuverability, efficiency and convenience. The SmartSwitch ignition system brings the convenience of one touch starting, real time feedback and key-less security to our zero turn mowers.

Husqvarna RZ46i zero turn riding mower

After my experience with this mower I will never buy another. My wife and I run a small lawn business and this mower has done nothing but make our jobs easier!... ...Will definitely stick with this brand. Strongly recommend to others...

Zack93 (Medina, Ohio) on RZ46i zero turn mower

SmartSwitch™ riding mower

Husqvarna LS series lawn tractors are already engineered for added durability, comfort, style and precision. The SmartSwitch ignition system adds easy "key-less" starting while also preventing starting by unauthorized users, one touch on/off for the reverse mowing modes and visual feedback on safety sytems and battery charge status.
Husqvarna GT52XLSi riding lawn mower

My neighbors all came over and went crazy over how it rides. handles & cuts. I love it! It's built extremely strong and is absolutely great on gas. I use to use 5 gallons to cut 2.5 acres. Now I ride in comfort and only use a little over a gallon...

Punchy (Nicholson, Pennsylvania) on GT52XLSi riding mower

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