Landscaping 2.0: How Automower® can revolutionize your outdoor business

As a globally proven product, Automower® offers a new channel of opportunity for the outdoor professional.

Across the country, Husqvarna Automower® is revolutionizing the way homeowners think about their lawn care. More people than ever before are opting to save time on the weekends while achieving a green, healthier, more beautiful lawn.

But is Automower® suitable for commercial applications as well? What can the world’s best-selling robotic lawn mower offer groundskeepers and landscapers?

Quite a lot, actually! As a globally proven product, Automower® offers a new channel of opportunity for the outdoor professional. If you’re a business owner – or you wish to become one – Automower® is an innovative product that can provide you with a sharp edge on the competition in your community.

We’ll explain why.

America's Automower® future

Automower® has already proven itself to be a successful product in countries across Europe, with the multi-billion dollar market expected to continue growth across the continent.

Robotic lawn mowers are set to explode in popularity in the United States, too. Several factors contribute to this trend, including:

  • The growing popularity of smart home integration.
  • A preference among the younger generation for technology products.
  • An increase in local restrictions on noise and emissions-producing power equipment.

But what does this trend mean for outdoor professionals like you?


Your Automower® opportunity

Despite a growing demand for robotic lawn mowers, not all homeowners or property managers have the time or skill to install an Automower® unit. That’s where you, as a professional landscaper, can seize a golden opportunity.

As an Automower® installer, you can:

  • Sell or rent an Automower® to a homeowner.
  • Complete the initial Automower® wire installation.
  • Troubleshoot any performance issues that may arise in the future.
  • Handle any line adjustments necessitated by new landscape or hardscape features.

You can continue handling the many other yard maintenance needs of your customers, from hedge trimming to seasonal cleanups. In fact, Automower® will give you more time for taking yards to the next level.

Automower 550

The only game in town

Ask any Automower® dealer and they’ll tell you— robotic lawn mowers sell themselves! Neighbors of your Automower® customers are sure to take notice of the customer’s always-perfect lawn… and as the first Automower® installer in your area, you’ll be the one to get a call for more information.

Once a customer has had Automower® installed – and witnessed its superior cut quality for themselves – they’re unlikely to return to traditional methods of lawn care. As their Automower® expert, you won’t be easily replaced by a competitor who lacks your specialized knowledge and experience. Your Automower® customer will be a customer for the long haul.

Automower 550

Automower® everywhere

“Sure,” you might say. “Installing Automowers® is a great idea. But where?”

What follows is a list of residential and commercial properties at which you, as a forward-thinking green industry professional, can install and maintain one or more Automower® units. Though far from complete, this list shows the significant business opportunity awaiting those wise enough to pursue it.

  1. Homes. Handle the technical stuff for homeowners who want a lawn that’s always cut beautifully, but don’t have the time for the installation. And don’t be surprised when next-door neighbors start calling you to find out more about Automower®, too.
  2. Hotels and resorts. Noise is one of the biggest complaints hotels have about landscaping companies. After all, neither pool goers nor sleeping guests wish to be disturbed by ear-splitting power equipment. Hotel owners can eliminate that noise with Automower®, while adding eye-catching technology to their properties.
  3. Civic centers. All cities want to appear to be looking toward the future of technology and the economy. Installing an Automower® at the heart of a civic center is a good way to show residents that it’s a community that’s ready for the landscape of the twenty-first century.

And the list goes on! It’s not far-fetched to imagine Automower® on every street corner – and in every yard – in the years ahead.

Robotic Automower 450X

Be the early bird

Automower® will continue to improve well into the near future, with the addition of fully commercial-grade Automower® models as well as Fleet Services, which is the ability to monitor multiple Automowers® from a central location. For this reason and others discussed above, Automower® offers a unique opportunity for green industry pros like landscapers, irrigation contractors, gardeners and others.

Think of it like this: Yours wasn’t the first business of its kind in your community. Chances are, there are one (or a hundred) landscaping companies you must compete with for the best contracts.

But, as a new Automower® installer, you’ll have a chance to be first. You can offer your customers Landscaping 2.0 before anybody else in town has thought that far ahead. And how do you think the first HVAC business performed? Or the first company to install home security systems?

Put simply: You can be the early bird who gets the worm... and Automower® is how you can do it.

Automower 550

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