Battery equipment and the green industry’s green revolution

High power or low emissions? Durable or eco-friendly? Say goodbye to either/or choices with the Husqvarna Battery Series.


Professional landscapers make a living in green spaces. But is landscaping good for the environment?

Ironically, the landscaping industry hasn’t always been associated with eco-friendly practices. Toxic herbicides and pollution-producing engines number among the seemingly unavoidable problems.

However, much has changed in recent years. Equipment brands – with Husqvarna at the forefront – have worked with experts from the landscaping industry to design and manufacture products that are good for the environment, without sacrificing power, performance or durability. True “gasoline replacement” battery products are now widely available, and more commercial users are becoming aware of their benefits.

In short, the green industry is experiencing a full-blown green revolution.


“Gasoline replacement” – really?

In years past, if you were to suggest to a landscaper – let alone a professional arborist – that battery equipment was the equal of gasoline products, you’d likely be met with skepticism.

But times have changed, and cordless electric technology has evolved. Today’s battery products are durable, long-lasting and surprisingly high-performance. Husqvarna’s brushless motor, available on our battery handhelds, delivers full torque at low revs, providing all the power and performance you’d expect from a gas-powered unit.

Whether you’re running one of our string trimmers, hedge trimmers or chainsaws, you won’t be forced to leave power behind to “go green.”


Time for an upgrade

That said, Husqvarna battery equipment is more than just eco-friendly and powerful. Commercial users will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Easier starting
  • Lighter weights
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Eliminated exhaust fumes
  • No routine engine maintenance
  • Savings on fuel, oil, filters and more

Of course, any true professional will want to know about practicality. Are these tools practical for day-to-day, season-after-season use in a commercial environment? To answer that question, simply ask a firefighter.


Batteries can be a lifesaver

Unlike gasoline engines, battery-powered machines aren’t dependent on oxygen to work. This has proven to be a great feature for firefighters, who are able to use battery chainsaws in smoky, oxygen-deprived environments. Fighting wildfires or cutting through obstacles to rescue stranded individuals is a faster process using a battery chainsaw.

Backpack battery with 536LiB blower
Battery pack - BLI200
Battery backpack

The easy choice

Husqvarna’s battery-powered handhelds make it easy to get behind eco-friendly technology. Each product runs on a 36-volt, lithium-ion battery that’s interchangeable between all tools. The battery runs approximately as long as a tank of gas. Plus, a fully-discharged battery can be recharged to 80% in as little as 35 minutes. Switching between two or more batteries will allow you to work seamlessly all day.

Prefer a longer run time? Husqvarna’s backpack battery is a great solution. Streamlined and comfortable, the backpack battery significantly increases run times – up to seven times longer! You can work 10 hours before needing a recharge. And don’t worry about comfort – the ergonomic harness fits as well as any backpack blower.


The future looks bright – and green, too

Looking ahead to the future of the green industry, it’s hard to deny the impact that battery-powered equipment will continue to have for years to come. An increasing number of customers and communities are demanding eco-friendly solutions for their lawn care and landscaping. 

Your business can be ready to meet their demands. Are you ready to join the green revolution?


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