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Things to consider when buying a tiller

Whether you need to break new ground, prepare your existing vegetable garden for planting, or freshen up your flowers beds, Husqvarna has a range of tillers to help you get the job done. We have gathered some advice to help you select the right rear tine tiller or cultivator for your specific lawn and garden needs.

Rear-tine or front-tine?

Our range of tillers and cultivators comprises two different types of tillers: rear-tine and front-tine.

  • For large and open areas a rear-tine counter-rotating tiller with a wide working width is the best choice. The rear-tine models are designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns. With powered wheels and counter-rotating tines these machines break up soil very effectively.

  • Front-tine garden tiller cultivators are best suited for smaller landscaping projects, such as preparing flowerbeds and modest garden patches. These tillers are driven by the tines and are available with an adjustable working width from 12-26 inches. The smaller cultivator is perfect for maneuvering in tight garden spaces.

Forward rotating and counter rotating

For optimum versatility, choose a model equipped to both counter rotate for tilling and forward rotate for cultivating. Tilling, using the counter rotation, prepares the ground for planting by mixing and breaking down the soil. Cultivating, using forward rotation, reduces weeds and breaks the surface crust to improve the penetration and absorption of key nutrients like water and air. 

Compare our products and get more information on our tiller page.

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