Get your lawn ready for spring

Spring is around the corner and it’s finally time to roll up your sleeves and get outside. We’ve put together a lawn care tips list to help you lay the foundation for a great looking lawn.

1. Clean up, blow away and rake

In early spring, once the snow has melted and the soil has started to dry, it’s time to start spring-cleaning. First, use a rake or leaf blower to remove layers of leaves that can lead to grass mold or decay. The leaves and leftover organic material are an excellent addition to your compost pile.

2. Clear away weeds

Get rid of weeds as early as possible, before the sun gives them energy to grow. Cut away withered leaves from cultivated parts of your lawn.

3. Loosen the soil

To freshen up the look of your flowerbeds, loosen the soil, allowing oxygen to reach the roots of the plant. Hand tools work well for smaller beds, but if you’re working with larger areas you should use a rotary cultivator or tiller. It’s also possible to add a tiller attachment to some of the Husqvarna trimmers, which means one less tool in your shed.

4. Prune the trees

Fruit trees need pruning in order to stay healthy and bear fruit. Pruning should be done during the spring, but be careful not to do it too early as the incisions can dry out if the temperature drops below freezing. Note that trees that carry stoned fruits, such as cherry, apricot, plum and peach, should not be pruned in the springtime.

Cultivate the soil with a trimmer attachment

5. Trim the hedges

Hedges with leaves should be preferably trimmed with a hedge trimmer during the winter or early spring. Conifers are better trimmed during the growing period, once in early spring and once more in the middle of summer.

6. Mow the lawn

The lawn needs time to recover after winter, so don’t cut the grass too short the first couple of times. A grass level of 2-3 inches makes for a fine and sustainable lawn.

7. Trim the lawn

If you want your lawn to look really good – don’t forget to trim the edges. Trimming adds an extra level of detail to make your lawn stand out.

8. Do a lawn equipment inventory check

Make sure your lawn and garden power equipment, like lawn mowers, weed trimmers, hedge trimmers, and edgers are ready for the new season. Check fluid levels, charge batteries and sharpen what needs to be sharpened.

9. Provide a home for the birds

If you want to give the birds a home in your yard, now’s the time to put up a bird house.

Trim the hedges

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