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Introducing the next generation of cutting excellence from Husqvarna.

572 XP

Inspired by the future, driven by the past

The next generation of Husqvarna chainsaws is intended to keep pace with your work rhythm and ambition. Count on the saws in this new lineup to deliver outstanding cutting capacity with plenty of acceleration and torque. We've focused on comfort, control and maneuverability, so each saw is a pleasure to use. Your chainsaw should feel like an extension of yourself that perfectly channels your skills and experience, whether you're felling, limbing, pruning or cross cutting.

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By taking part in the #husqychallenge you get to display your precision, your pro skills, as well as your overall awesomeness. Plant a flag, take aim, and make the tree land exactly on the spot. Then, show off in our social channels via #newchainsawgeneration where you’ll be able to measure your skill with the best of the best.

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Committed to your success with a 1-year professional chainsaw warranty

Your Husqvarna chainsaw is more than a purchase, it's an investment in cutting excellence. As one of our fans, you're putting your trust in our 60-year history of chainsaw innovation and 330-year history of technology breakthroughs.

That's why, to celebrate the launch of our new chainsaw lineup, we're offering a leading 1-year warranty on our professional and XP® chainsaws.

During the 1-year Warranty Period, Husqvarna will repair or replace, at no charge, any professional or XP chainsaw product or part purchased after 1st of January 2019 that proves defective because of improper material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance.

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60 years of unmatched cutting excellence

At Husqvarna, we know chainsaws. After all, we’ve provided the world with some of the very best machines since 1959. We understand the challenges you face when using a chainsaw, and we've consistently innovated to solve those problems. We've offered smart solutions such as Air Injection™ technology, AutoTune™ performance software and the unrivaled X-Torq® engine. These technologies have helped advance performance, optimize power output and improve fuel efficiency on our world-renowned chainsaws.

We’ve never stopped moving forward, thinking long-term and making our products better. And we're just getting started.

550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image

Cutting capacity that's unrivaled

Power, speed and the drive to get the job done faster than ever before. The Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II will provide you with new, unparalleled levels of cutting capacity, the very best in this size. The optimized combination of high-power output and high chain speed is further enhanced by the use of the SP33G X-CUT™ chain and the durable X-FORCE™ bar.
For the 550 XP® Mark II this translates into an impressive cutting capacity, considerably more than its closest competitor*.

550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image

Built to withstand, designed to endure

The new Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II have been engineered for maximized durability and reliability, no matter the conditions. Extra attention has been given to the cooling of the engine through an optimized airflow and minute attention to detail. The carburetor's temperature is protected by an extra-strong heat shield, boosting the overall cooling capacity, as well as enabling easier starts during hot conditions or after intense operation.

550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image

Maneuverability - part of Husqvarna's DNA

At Husqvarna, we’ve focused on comfort and user-centric design for the better part of 60 years. It’s in our DNA. That's why the new Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II are carefully designed to be easy to handle, with minimized gyro forces and as little resistance as possible when moving the chainsaw during limbing operations.

Basically, it’s all about smart design. Of the principle of the outboard clutch, the size of the flywheel. And about the placement, the size and the angle of the handles.

545 Mark II

The perfect combination for the perfect job

Different tasks require different tools. And different cutting jobs require different amounts of power, acceleration and flexibility. Combining the new 545 Mark II and the 550 XP® Mark II will get you a long way towards the desired result.

The 545 Mark II is the perfect choice for all-round forestry and ground crew work. Its optimized combination of cutting capacity and maneuverability makes it an excellent choice for professional part-time users.

The 550 XP® Mark II, meanwhile, will provide ample power and a cutting capacity to satisfy demanding forestry workers and arborists. The extreme acceleration and high rpm will make easy work out of advanced tree removals and cutting up to 40cm logs and branches.

Commercial solutions

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Proven endurance and the highest capacity

New engine design offers a wide RPM range for peak performance under heavy loads. A 12% higher cutting capacity (compared to previous models in the same cc range) makes the 572 XP® ideal for productive operation, even when using long guide bars.
A sharp-from-the-start X-Cut® chain from Husqvarna gives the 572 XP® a superior cutting capacity.
Weighing just 6.6 kg with a powerful 4.3 kW engine, the 572 XP® has a better power-to-weight ratio than other Husqvarna saws with similar displacement.
The 572 XP®'s cooling system is optimized down to the finest detail to give you a reliable chainsaw for any situation.
The latest generation of AutoTune™ ensures a correctly tuned engine that's optimized for peak performance in all conditions.
The 572 XP® carries – as standard – a heavy-duty filter for longer and better filtration. The filter has a larger filtration surface compared to previous generations. Promises a healthier engine that's optimized for long working hours.

How we reinvented excellence

Optimized AutoTune™ software and carburetor calibration radically improve starting performance.
Thanks to an outboard clutch, the guide bar is positioned closer to the center of gravity. This distributes the mass better and produces less gyro forces, which translates into truly superb maneuverability.
An improved, rigid heat shield provides excellent sealing against the cylinder area, reducing heat leakage and keeping the carburetor cool. This boosts startability in hot conditions.
The new filter design's improved capacity and upgraded Air Injection™ provide excellent filtration, promising durable performance and longevity. The easy and secure attachment of the air filter guarantees reliable sealing.
The cooling of the cylinder has been further improved by an optimized airflow through the engine. The addition of more flange surface in critical areas also contributes to a more effective cooling of the cylinder.
The colored felling sight on the starter house, molded into the plastic, helps with achieving the perfect directional cuts during felling. The addition of a horizontal felling sight, parallel with the guide bar, provides ample guidance during horizontal cuts.
Both the 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II are equipped with perfectly fitted X-Cut® chains for long-lasting sharpness and increased cutting performance, as well as lightweight X-Force™ bars that promise extended product lifetimes.

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