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Husqvarna Battery Solutions: AGZA Certified, Commercial Ready

Husqvarna commercial battery equipment named as AFTC® (AGZA Field Tested Certified).

If you’re a professional landscaper, you’ve likely heard about the benefits of using battery equipment for your commercial operations. Some of the more common talking points related to battery products include:

  • Low noise
  • Zero emissions
  • Fewer vibrations
  • Less maintenance
  • Savings on the cost of gas
  • Push-button startups

But you likely weigh these benefits against another, equally important consideration: performance. Can battery equipment truly deliver gas-equivalent performance when and where you need it?

The American Green Zone Alliance understands that concern, and that’s why they’ve created their AFTC® (AGZA Field Tested Certified) program. As an organization that’s dedicated to moving the landscape maintenance industry into the future, AGZA methodically tests the latest battery offerings to answer the question of whether or not a company’s products are “ready for prime time.” According to the AGZA website:

American Green Zone Alliance was founded to provide answers and empower smart choices. Our priority is to give clients and crews the most credible advice on which manufacturers and tools are capable of commercial work production, and which can actually replace gas machines. We want to get you the information and insights you need to make the best decision for your organization.

As a company that’s dedicated to cutting-edge innovation, Husqvarna supports AGZA’s efforts to rigorously test the latest equipment. And we’re proud to say that all of our battery-powered commercial products are AGZA Certified.

Battery solutions built for real professionals

Husqvarna’s equipment becoming AGZA Certified was no overnight achievement. Our company continuously works alongside the men and women of the landscape industry to better understand their needs and wants. With each commercial battery product we’ve developed, we’ve sought to strike an ideal balance between performance and efficiency, while delivering on our brand’s reputation as a top-quality investment. These standards measure, among other criteria, the following:

  • Hundreds of verified field-use hours in municipal, private, and high volume grounds maintenance operations
  • Certified compliance and safety
  • Commercial grade power, comparable to gas/petrol equivalents
  • Rugged construction and durability
  • Low noise, ergonomic and lightweight design
  • Battery run time and charge time
  • Warranty supported and evidence of functional reliability
  • IPX-4 water resistance

In short, we design our battery equipment for people like you — the real professionals who trust our equipment day in and day out.

Ready for the future

Evolution in the green industry is proceeding at a break-neck pace. From satellite-based commercial robotics to next-generation battery chainsaws, new solutions appear in the field every season. Husqvarna is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of that change by offering the field-tested, commercially viable equipment that professionals can depend on to make their living — both now and in the green spaces of the future.

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