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H38, 3/8” mini pixel pitch, .043 gauge


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PW 235R
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Pipe cleaning hose 15m
Pipe Cleaning Hose - 15m
SKU: 590 66 10‑01
Chamfer chisel
Cutter profile
Guarded drive link
Added feature
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H38, 3/8” mini pixel pitch, .043 gauge - 591 10 50‑45


  • Bar length (inch)
    12 in

H38, 3/8” mini pixel pitch, .043 gauge

H38 is made for small saws and have chamfer-chisel cutters. It is a low-vibration/low-kickback chain. This chain is ideal for homeowners or consumer but also commercial users such as arborists. Designed for use on electric and on small gasoline-powered saws. Available lengths: 12”, 14”. Fits Chainsaw models: 120i, T535iXP (before serial # 192000001), 535iXP (before serial # 191900385), T536LiXP, 536LiXP.
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12" / 45DL

SKU: 591 10 50‑45

Product Data
12" / 45DL
SKU: 591 10 50‑45
14" / 52DL
SKU: 591 10 50‑52
Pitch3/8" mini3/8" mini
Cutter profileChamfer chiselChamfer chisel
Kickback reductionBumper tie strap and Ramped depth gaugeBumper tie strap and Ramped depth gauge
Bar length (inch)12 in14 in
Bar length30 cm35 cm
Drive links4552
Added featureGuarded drive linkGuarded drive link
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