Standard Power Cutters

Husqvarna K 535i



Blade diameter, max
9 in
Cutting depth, max
3 in
Output power
1.63 hp
POWER CUTTER K 535i 36 V | 9" NA
SKU: 967 79 59‑02
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Product description

Put a superior next-generation battery product to the test on your commercial crew. Husqvarna’s K 535i battery power cutter delivers professional performance. The excellent power-to-weight ratio makes the product a versatile addition for lighter landscaping or hardscaping jobs. Boasting high power and low noise, the K 535i has comfortable handles and perfect balance. Suitable for cutting concrete garden plates, granite, or roof and floor tiles. The K 535i is adaptable for wet or dry cutting. Compatible with Husqvarna BLi200/ BLi300 batteries.

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