Gas Power Cutters

Husqvarna K 1270

14 in
Blade diameter, max
4.6 in
Cutting depth, max
7.8 hp
Output power1

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Cutting depth, max
Blade diameter, max

K 1270 II

Some jobs require exceptional power. The K 1270 is a real powerhouse with an impressive 5,8 kW output, turning your heaviest cutting jobs into a fast and effective operation. Suitable for road works when used with the corresponding KV 9/12 trolley. The trolley also means you can fully concentrate on the cutting job.
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POWER CUTTER K 1270 14" | 1" / 20 mm

SKU: 967 97 87‑01

POWER CUTTER K 1270 14" | 1" / 20 mm
SKU: 967 97 87‑01
POWER CUTTER K 1270 16" | 1" / 20mm
SKU: 967 97 88‑01
Output power1
7.8 hp7.8 hp
Cylinder displacement7.25 cu.inch7.25 cu.inch
Electrode gap0.02 in0.02 in
Number of strokes2-stroke engine2-stroke engine
Cutting deck
Cutting depth, max4.6 in5.7 in
Exhaust emissions (CO₂ EU V)2
726 g/kWh726 g/kWh
Cutting System
Blade diameter, max14 in16 in
Arbor diameter1-7/8B1-7/8B
Blade thickness, max0.2 in0.2 in
Peripheral speed, max18,000 fpm18,000 fpm
Product size length28.74 in29.25 in
Product size width9.57 in9.49 in
Product size height17.09 in18.52 in
Weight30 lbs31.3 lbs
Sound and noise
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)117 dB(A)117 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear104 dB(A)104 dB(A)
Vibrations left/front handle4.5 m/s²3.9 m/s²
Vibrations right/rear handle3.7 m/s²4 m/s²
Owner support
Manuals, handbooks, spare parts, guides, and related information for K 1270 II can be found in the product support.
Product support for K 1270 II
  • 1Output power: Net power rating as per ISO 7293, at specified RPM
  • 2Exhaust emissions (CO₂ EU V): This CO2 measurement results from testing over a fixed test cycle under laboratory conditions a(n) (parent) engine representative of the engine type (engine family) and shall not imply or express any guarantee of the performance of a particular engine.

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