Do robotic lawn mowers work?

Actually, it may be time to update your thinking – and your lawn mower!  Here are five reasons to trust Automower® for your home’s lawn care.

By now, you’ve probably run across an advertisement or two for robotic lawn mowers. Maybe you’ve read some reviews about the benefits of an automatic lawn mower, or seen some robot lawn mower comparisons. Maybe you’ve even witnessed one in action at a garden expo or a friend’s backyard.

And sure— they’re a fun idea. But even the best robot mower is a long way from being a real-world practical tool, right?

Actually, it may be time to update your thinking – and your lawn mower! The days of the automatic grass cutting machine have arrived, and the mower that stands high above the rest is the Husqvarna Automower®.

Here are five reasons to trust Automower® for your home’s lawn care:

You'll stop missing out on important events.

Working overtime, running errands, spending time with your family and walking the dog. There’s no denying it: People today are busier than ever.

Chances are, your weekly schedule is pretty jam-packed.

Fortunately, from home automation systems to same-day delivery services, technology offers lots of time-saving solutions. Now you can add robotic lawn mowers to that list. By handling your lawn care, Automower® will give you more time for your kids, your significant other, your friends or your hobbies.

Or, if you’re a diehard DIYer, Automower® will give you the room in your schedule needed for painting the deck, planting a garden or installing that treehouse.

Plus, Automower® is now compatible with Amazon Alexa, making it easier than ever to incorporate it into your smart home ecosystem.

Robotic ? Automower ? 450X smartwatch

You'll save money.

There’s no getting around it: Gasoline is expensive. Trips to the small engine repair shop can be costly, too. Fortunately, the very best lawn mower robots, such as Automower®, are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Featuring an amazingly efficient motor, Automower® will save you big bucks on power equipment upkeep and repairs.

Also, if you’re a professional landscaper, Automower® is a great way to take your company to the next level of innovation.


You'll improve the quality of your lawn.

Do you have a healthy, green, beautiful lawn? Congratulations, that’s something to be proud of – and protect, too!

Automower® can help. Unlike push mowers and lawn tractors – which tend to be heavy and damaging – a robot lawn mower has a lighter step. Automower® won’t squish the grass or wear down the turf in spotty areas. Razor-sharp cutting blades slice grass instead of tearing it, which reduces grass yellowing and overall damage to the turf. Plus, by cutting just a little grass at a time, Automower® fertilizes the lawn naturally by contributing miniscule grass clippings to the soil. When all is said and done, you’ll have a stronger, greener and perfectly trimmed lawn— 24/7. Thanks, Automower®!


You'll free up room in your garage.

Got a small garage? Would you like to use it for storage, working on your favorite hobby or even parking a car (remember when you could do that)?

Swapping out your walk or riding lawn mower for Automower® will give you that extra garage space you need. Automower® is a robotic lawn mower for large areas that can handle the work of your lawn tractor or even zero-turn lawn mower. Install Automower® wherever is most convenient for you, and your lawn mowing robot will handle the rest.

Packshot - Automower X-line

You'll reduce your noise pollution.

Let’s face it: Nobody really enjoys the sound of a lawn mower engine. Mowers can be loud – if not deafening – and distracting for the neighbors. As a result, more and more neighborhoods and communities are transitioning toward quieter and more efficient alternatives to traditional power equipment.

When you bring home Automower®, the world’s best-selling robot mower, you’ll eliminate the problem of noisy engines. Automower® is completely silent— in fact, it can even work at night!

Sit back and relax

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