Buying Advice

CARB regulations for California

To help combat air pollution, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has limited the types of outdoor power equipment available for sale in California. See below for more information on how this impacts California residents and Husqvarna products.

Product discount and exchange programs

Check out the below programs for discount opportunities and incentives when purchasing new or exchanging old products - available for both homeowners and professionals.

Homeowner programs:

Commercial programs:

Servicing dealer. telephone

Bid Assistance Program

Husqvarna has established a Bid Assistance Program to support dealers competing for bids from government agencies, including military, and from any organization that has a tax exempt number provided by the US Internal Revenue Service.

Discount from Power price (MSRP)
- Up to 20% off handheld products
- Up to 25% off commercial zero-turns

Husqvarna fleet program

It takes a lot of equipment to run your business. Outfit your fleet with Husqvarna equipment and invest in your success. Our Fleet Program helps you save on the tools you need! Talk to a dealer today to join and receive:

  • Up to 25% off wheeled products
  • Up to 20% off handheld equipment
  • Customized fleet by mixing and matching wheeled and handheld products

Want to learn more about your fleet’s environmental impact? Click here to learn more about the Carbon Footprint Calculator available in Husqvarna Fleet Services™.


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