Automower 435X AWD
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Important Automower® AWD Safety Notice

Automower® 435X AWD and Automower® 535 AWD robotic lawnmowers recalled due to Fire Hazard.

Husqvarna Group has identified a potential safety issue with Automower® 435X AWD and Automower® 535 AWD units.

The company has received five (5) reports of incidents of batteries overheating or catching fire. None of the incidents resulted in any personal injury. All 5 of these incidents have been reported in Europe, and we have not had any incidents within the United States or Canada.

Husqvarna's investigation has confirmed that the issue is the result of the charging pattern, “stressing” the batteries to unusual levels of degradation, in some products of the affected models.

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Husqvarna will resolve the issue of battery degradation and prolong the battery lifetime through two mandatory software updates for the two affected models.

The first of these updates, expected to be available in December 2021, will improve the battery charging regime, protect the battery and prolong its lifetime. The second update, expected in February 2022, will install additional battery health monitoring features.

Both software updates will be pushed directly to all product owners who will receive and install it via their Automower® Connect App.

If you have questions regarding this issue, you can contact our hotline at 1-800-487-5951.