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Technical Chainsaw Pant

Husqvarna protective pants have been completely redesigned to take into consideration all customer needs including weight, temperature, fit, convenience and most importantly, safety. The new Technical Pants set a new standard for Husqvarna protective pants and offer many features and benefits any chainsaw user will appreciate. Features include, 4-Way stretch material and pre-bent knees for optimum movement, ventilation areas (legs, back pockets) for breathability, lightweight design for all day comfort, phone and gear pockets for added versatility, and reinforced knees using Cordura®. These certified pants are tested in Accordance with ASTM F1897 (US) for leg protection for chain saw users.
Washing instructions

Regularly machine wash the garment according to the temperature and instructions on the inside label. Do not wash inside out. After washing, stretch the garment and let it air dry.

  • Do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry.
  • Clean the garment immediately if it has been subjected to petrol, oil or other flammable materials. Fire hazard!
  • Close zip and hook-and-loop fasteners to prevent fabric damage.
  • If ironing, do so with low heat.
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TECHNICAL PANT - S / 28-30 x 32L

SKU: 582 05 32‑01

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TECHNICAL PANT - S / 28-30 x 32L
SKU: 582 05 32‑01
TECHNICAL PANT - M / 32-34 x 32L
SKU: 582 05 32‑02
TECHNICAL PANT - L / 36-38 x 32L
SKU: 582 05 32‑03
TECHNICAL PANT - XL / 40-42 x 32L
SKU: 582 05 32‑04
TECHNICAL PANT - XXL / 44-46 x 32L
SKU: 582 05 32‑05
TECHNICAL PANT - M / 32-34 x 34L
SKU: 593 24 09‑02
TECHNICAL PANT - L / 36-38 x 34L
SKU: 593 24 09‑03
TECHNICAL PANT - XL / 40-42 x 34L
SKU: 593 24 09‑04
TECHNICAL PANT - XXL / 44-46 x 34L
SKU: 593 24 09‑05
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