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If you’re having trouble with your Automower® installation or anything else, don’t worry: Husqvarna has answers to all your questions.


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How do I start and stop the mower?

Once the Automower® system is installed, you’ll have to turn on the main switch. Press the START button (on applicable models) and close the keypad hatch. To stop Automower®, simply press the large STOP button on the unit. Automower® Connect-enabled models can be turned on or off via the Automower® Connect app.

Will Automower® go in the street or my neighbor's yard?

Automower® cuts inside a boundary wire that’s easily installed by you or the selling dealer. It’s a dependable and effective system that can be customized to any yard or series of obstacles. As a result, your Automower® will go only where you want it to go – never in the street or a neighbor’s yard. See video opposite.

How do I set the mower’s cutting height?

The method of setting the Automower® cutting height can vary between models. The manual method is by turning either a mechanical or electric knob. Automower® Connect-enabled models can be adjusted via the Automower® Connect app. 

Do I have to recharge Automower®?

No, Automower® will return to the charging station on its own as needed, aided by the guide wire (see "Guide wires" tab).

Here's what keeps your Automower® out of the neighbor's yard:

Installation Kit

Install basics

Can I install Automower®?

You can easily perform the installation yourself. Just follow the instructions in the operator’s manual or installation video (watch the full video here). It takes about 2 to 5 hours, depending on the size and complexity of your lawn. Your local Husqvarna dealer may also offer an installation service. Check with your local dealer for options.

How do I set up my Automower®?

Your Automower® works via a boundary wire system. Installing the unit involves placing a wire around the perimeter of the space you want mowed, as well as around areas you want the Automower® to avoid. You must also set up a charging station for the mower.

Where do I put the charging station?

Place the Automower® charging station in any central, level space near an electrical outlet. You should have approximately six feet of empty space in front of the station (see video opposite). 

Where to place the charging station:

Installation Kit

Boundary wires

Do I have to bury the boundary wire?

Not unless you want to. You can staple the wire onto the top of the grass, and the grass will grow over it within a few weeks. However, if you do choose to bury the wire, the recommended depth is 1 to 4 inches.

What tools do I need for the boundary wire installation?

You need only plastic staples and a hammer. If you choose to have your Automower® unit installed by a dealer, the dealer will likely use an automatic cable laying machine.

How far from the edge of the yard do I place the boundary wire?

Automower® will travel a few inches over the boundary wire before stopping. Place the wire some distance from the edge to avoid collision with obstacles per the install video (see opposite):

  • For fences and walls, place the wire 14 inches away.
  • For flowerbeds and soft bushes, place the wire 12 inches away.
  • For paved driveways and hardscapes, place the wire 4 inches away.

Can I place the boundary wire on a hill?

Avoid placing the wire on a steep incline, as the Automower® may slide over the boundary.

How far apart should I place the staples?

Place the staples at 28-inch increments along the boundary wire.

Will the boundary wire prevent Automower® from going in a pond or pool?

Yes. However, for added protection, a six-inch fence should be placed around these areas. 

Can’t I just loop the boundary wire around obstacles?

  Crossing the boundary wire will cause an error and your Automower® will not work correctly. Create a boundary around obstacles by using the technique shown in the install video (see opposite).

How far from the perimeter to place the boundary wire:

How to place boundary wire around obstacles:

P2 - Guide wire 1

Guide wires

What’s a guide wire?

A guide wire helps with navigation involving narrow passages or hard-to-reach areas of the lawn. Plus, it helps your Automower® reach the charging station more efficiently.

How many guide wires can I use in my installation?

Depending on the model, Automower® is compatible with between one and three guide wires.

How do I install a guide wire?

To install a guide wire, follow the instructions in the installation video (see opposite).

Can a guide wire cross a boundary wire, if the boundary wire is going to an island?

Yes, guide wires can cross the boundary wire going to and from an island, because the signal of these wires is canceled out. Learn more under the "Boundary wires" tab above.

How to install a guide wire:

Charging stations

Colored indicator lights


How do I know if I installed my Automower® correctly?

For a fully functional installation, the indicator lamp in the charging station must emit a solid or flashing green light. If something else appears, you have a problem.

What if a solid green light appears?

A solid green light means everything is working correctly.

What if a flashing green light appears?

A flashing green light means everything is working correctly and ECO mode is activated.

What if a flashing blue light appears?

A blue flashing light means one of two things: a) the boundary wire loop is not connected to the charging station, or b) there’s a break in the boundary wire loop. Ensure the boundary wire connectors are fitted properly to the charging station. Or, if there’s a break in the boundary wire, replace the damaged section by splicing in new wire with an original coupler (if you’re having trouble finding the break, wire break finders are available from several manufacturers).

What if a flashing red light appears?

A flashing red light means there’s an interruption in the charging station’s antenna. Contact your local Husqvarna Automower® dealer, or call the customer support line at (+1) 800-849-1297 and select option 2.

What if a solid red light appears?

A solid red light means there’s a fault in the circuit board or incorrect power supply in the charging station. The fault should be rectified by an authorized service technician. Contact your local Husqvarna Automower® dealer, or call the customer support line at (+1) 800-849-1297 and select option 2.

Automower 230 ACX

Operation issues

What are some common operation issues?

There are a few common issues you may run into with your Automower®:

  • The mower runs at the wrong time. Either the mower’s clock needs to be set, or the start and stop times are incorrect. To fix this, set the clock and adjust the start and stop times. See Operator’s Manual.

  • The mower vibrates. One or more blades are damaged or missing. To fix this, inspect the blades and screws and replace as necessary. There should be no more than three blades per disc. See Operator’s Manual.

  • The mower mows for shorter periods than usual between charges. Either the blade disc or wheels are blocked by grass or debris, or the battery’s capacity is impaired. To fix this, remove and clean the blade disc, or perform a battery test to determine the battery’s capacity. Refer to 6.6 Battery test on page 98 of Operator’s Manual.

  • The mowing and charging times are shorter than usual. To resolve this, perform a battery test to determine the battery’s capacity. Refer to 6.6 Battery test on page 98 of Operator’s Manual.

  • The mower does not react when pressing the STOP button or closing the cover. The mower’s microswitch is faulty. To fix this, check and replace the STOP button’s microswitch.

  • The mower runs, but the blade disc doesn’t rotate. This is normal behavior as the mower searches for the charging station. No action is required.

  • The mower doesn’t run along the guide wire when searching for the charging station. The guide loop is broken. Refer to 6.4 Troubleshooting the loop signal on page 95 of Operator’s Manual.
Automower 310/315

Cut quality

Why is the Automower® producing uneven cut results?

This could be due to one of several reasons:

  • The grass is too long for the current cutting height. To fix this, increase the cutting height, then lower gradually.

  • The mower is working too few hours per day. To fix this, increase the working hours.

  • The working area is too large for the mower. To fix this, increase the working hours.

  • The blades are dull. To fix this, replace the blades and screws so all rotating parts are balanced.
  • The lawn coverage settings are incorrect. To fix this, optimize the settings for the your lawn size and complexity, per the Operator's Manual.

  • The mower isn't following the guide wire to needed areas. To fix this, check guide signal (see 6.4 Troubleshooting the loop signal on page 95 of Operator's Manual) and adjust settings to follow the guide cable.

  • Grass has accumulated near the blade disc and motor shaft. To fix this, ensure the blade disc rotates freely and easily. If not, the blade disc may need to be removed and any grass or debris removed from the area.
Automower X-line Mobile connection

Automower Connect basics

What is Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect gives you full control of your Automower® right from your smartphone. The app lets you start, stop or park your Automower®, as well as check and adjust its settings. Plus, you can receive alarms and track your mower’s position in the event of theft.

How can I learn to use Automower® Connect?

See how to use Automower® Connect in the following video: click here.

Does every Automower® come with Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect comes standard on all X-line models, and it’s an optional add-on for other 300 and 400-series models.

Will I have to pay extra for Automower® Connect?

Not beyond the price of the Automower®. A 10-year mobile data contract is included with Automower® Connect at no additional charge.

What's the difference between Automower® Connect and Automower® Connect@HOME?

Automower® Connect offers long-range connectivity to your mower, as described above. Automower® Connect@HOME offers short-range Bluetooth® command of your mower. Automower® models without Connect come equipped with Connect@HOME.


Do Automower® Connect and Connect@HOME use the same smartphone app?

Yes. However, certain features are only available with Automower® Connect.

Where can I download the Automower® Connect app?

The Automower® Connect app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Apple app store Google Play app store

Which wireless carriers are compatible with Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect is compatible with all wireless carriers, with some exceptions. If you live in an area that's reachable by the GSM network (AT&T and T-Mobile), Automower® Connect will work.

However, if you live in a remote area that's reachable by only the CDMA network (Sprint and Verizon), Automower® Connect may not function. In these cases, your Automower® will still work, but you'll need to control it manually via the keypad.


Automower Connect usage

I’m setting up my Automower® and have not been able to use the Connect app because there's no signal. No bars are showing on the signal strength icon on the Automower®. What can I do?

Automower® works on the GSM and/or UMTS network. These networks may not be available in all areas. Check with your local carriers for more information.

My Connect app seems to have disconnected from my Automower®. What should I do?

  • Verify your Automower® is receiving a cell signal. If not, follow the directions in the next question.
  • Reboot your Automower® by powering off the machine, waiting 1 minute, then powering on again.
  • If it still doesn't reconnect, check with your local Automower® dealer for more solutions.

My Automower® hasn’t connected to a GSM or UMTS network and I see an “X” over the signal strength icon. What can I do to make a connection?

Potential solutions include one or more of the following:

  • Power off the machine, wait 1 minute, then power on again.
  • Turn off Connect in the Accessories menu, wait 1 minute, then turn it back on again.
  • If the signal strength is 2 bars or less, move the Automower® to another area in your yard to see if the signal strength improves.

These other solutions haven't worked. Does my Automower® require a firmware update?

Updates are not always required, however they may add improved capabilities. Bring your Automower® to a local dealer for further information.

When verifying my Connect app, I clicked on the link provided, but it does not work.

As an alternative to clicking on the link, you can copy and paste the link into a browser.

Can I change the email address I use for the app login?

You’ll have to create a new account to use a new email address. All Automower® units will need to be paired again to the new account.

Can I change the mower PIN code from the app?

No, the Automower® PIN code and other security settings cannot be changed from the app.

What does the “unpair mower” command do in the app?

This will remove the pairing between your account and your Automower®. All other accounts paired to the mower will retain full access.

How do I remove the pairing for all accounts?

You can do this via the mower menu.

Why does my Automower® stop for ten seconds after changing a setting from the app?

This is normal behavior for the Automower® unit. It's adjusting to the new settings.

Smart home systems

Will Automower® work with my smart home system?

Yes! Automower® is now compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem. To learn more, visit the Smart Home Integration page by clicking here.

That's great. Any other systems?

Yes, Automower® can be used in conjunction with IFTTT ("if this, then that") applets. Want Automower® to park when your kids come home from school, or if the weather forecast shows rain? Learn how to use IFTTT by clicking here.

Which Automower® models are compatible?

Automower® units equipped with Automower® Connect will be able to connect to your smart home system.

Which Automower® models come with Automower® Connect?

Automower® Connect comes standard on all X-Line models, and it’s an optional add-on for other 300 and 400 series models. See the Automower® Connect tab for more information.

What are the benefits of connecting to Automower® via a smart home system?

When connected to your smart home system, Husqvarna Automower® becomes a natural part of your morning routine, your kids’ after-school play time, your backyard cookouts and many other everyday activities. Some examples of instructions you might give Automower® include:

  • Telling Automower® to pause while your kids are in the yard.
  • Telling Automower® to mow for a certain number of hours.
  • Finding out what Automower® is doing.

We're continuously improving Automower's® abilities, so you'll have many options in the future for controlling this one-of-a-kind mower. Learn more at Smart Home Integration.


Get additional support

Where can I get help with my Automower®?

There are a few places you can turn for assistance with your Automower®:

  • Your owner's manual. As a first step, be sure to check the owner's manual that came with your Automower®. It contains tips and solutions for many installation and performance topics. You can find and download your owner's manual here by clicking here.

  • Your purchasing dealership. Your purchasing dealer will be able to help you troubleshoot any issues with your Automower®. Locate the nearest Automower® dealer by clicking here

  • The Pro Real-Time Messaging Chat widget. Husqvarna's Automower® experts can be reached 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Just look for the orange button of the chat widget on this page!

  • Customer service. To speak with a member of customer service about your Automower®, simply call (+1) 800-487-5951 and select option 2.

  • Facebook groups. The ever-growing Official Husqvarna Automower® and Automower® Owners Facebook groups, where you can find immediate peer-to-peer support and advice for any issue.