Let Automower® take care of your yard, while you take care of your family

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"I can enjoy my family time"

Listen to former US Army special forces soldier, Mark Wright, talk about how well the Husqvarna Automower® robot mower works on his Florida home lawn. Automower® allows him to enjoy his weekends with his wife, kids and pet, instead of spending time mowing the lawn.

"It is much, much better"

Listen to Super Sod COO, Ben Copeland, talk about how well the Husqvarna Automower® robot mower works on his Georgia home lawn. Working for a sod farming company, he knows lawns. Watch why he thinks Automower® is an innovative and practical solution for your lawn mowing needs.

"One of the main benefits for me is time"

Listen to Stuart Avera talk about how his Automower® robotic lawn mower saves him time by working on his Georgia home's lawn in any weather, including mowing in the rain.

"I like that my lawn is maintained every day"

Listen to U.S. Army energy engineer, Marty Sellers, talk about how well the Husqvarna Automower® robot mower works on his Alabama home lawn.

"The cut is perfect all the time"

Listen to Claude Reinhardt explain why his Automower® is a great lawn mowing solution for his 1.25 acre property, where the mower won't bother his neighbors and is safe when the grand kids visit.
Automower 430X

"An awesome break"

Reviewer: Munchin 
Model: 430X

"I have enjoyed watching my kids play in the swimming pool instead of doing yard work. It is an awesome break to sit back and watch my kids play while in the background I watch my other neighbors have to get out and either push or ride a lawn mower for hours."

Automower 315X

"The lawn looks amazing"

Reviewer: Craftbbq 
Model: 315X

"The lawn looks amazing, and I've had all my neighbors, people driving by, and even professional lawn crews stop to check it out and ask me about the product. "

Automower 450XH

"Saved us so much time"

Reviewer: atanner 
Model: 430XH

"We have a large yard with a lot of grass and mowing would take so much time every week. Having the Automower 430XH saved us so much time so we could get to sporting events, work on home projects, and enjoy our weekends rather than spend all that time working in the yard. It was also great when we were on vacation and came home to a perfectly trimmed yard rather than tons of overgrowth from not mowing."

Automower 430X

"The yard looks like a carpet"

Reviewer: dtarules 
Model: 430X

 "Instantly I could tell an improvement in my lawn. It was cut with a zero turn or rotary mower. The first thing that noticed with the Automower is that it does not leave lines like the zero turn or rotary does that last for weeks"

 "The Automower cuts more often and removes small amounts of grass when it cuts, so my bermuda grass stays green all the time. It has also gotten thicker as well, Since the grass is cut more often it grows out instead of growing up. The yard looks like a carpet."