Toy 450X Automower


Product Description

Amazing new Automower® toy for your kids!
The brand new Husqvarna Automower® toy proves that a toy can feel just like the real thing. The lights flash on startup and the hand control is easy for children to use. Now they can have as much fun with their toy as the owner of the real Automower on the lawn.
The Husqvarna Automower® toy is a high quality product that will for sure bring a smile to your child’s face. It’s not a regular toy, it’s an Husqvarna Automower® toy.
Made for indoor use.
• Looks just like the Husqvarna Automower 450X
• 2.4GHz radio control
• Full function for all direction control
• LED headlights
• Range: Over 30m
• 7 AA batteries included

Product Information

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TOY 450X Automower

SKU: 531 09 96‑01

Product data
TOY 450X Automower
SKU: 531 09 96‑01