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Husqvarna reminder: kids and mowers don't mix!

Always be cautious when mowing the lawn with your Husqvarna lawn mower. Never allow children in the mowing area while mowing.

Important guidelines for riding lawn mower use

Husqvarna zero-turn lawn mowers and lawn tractors are excellent choices for keeping your yard looking fantastic in every season. However, as with any tool or power equipment, you must respect its power at all times. Always use caution during operation. Negligence or forgetfulness means you run the risk of severely injuring or killing a child with your equipment. Remember that an accident could happen:

  • When moving forward or in reverse.
  • Regardless of the blades being engaged or disengaged.
  • When objects are hit and thrown by spinning blades.

Remember these important guidelines for operating a mower when children are in your household or the surrounding area.

  1. Never give rides. A child may fall off the mower and be driven over and/or hit by the spinning blades. Giving rides may also make the child think of the mower as a toy and later approach the mower without being seen.
  2. Use extreme caution when mowing in reverse. Keep alert for anyone who may enter the mowing area. If someone enters the mowing area, turn off the mower until they exit the mowing area. Always look down and behind you prior to backing up.
  3. Know where your kids are. Keep kids out of the mowing area. Have constant adult supervision to prevent them from approaching the mower before you've finished. Stop mowing immediately if a child approaches the mowing area.
  4. Read all safety instructions. You should read and follow the safety instructions in your owner's manual.
  5. Keep the mower's keys in a safe spot away from children. Older children may want to imitate a parent and take the mower for a ride.
  6. Clearly communicate the danger to children. Make sure children know the lawn mower is off-limits at all times.

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