Loading ramps


Product variant

R 112C
Fits to model
CT 126
CT 154
CTH 126
R 112C
CTH 164T
R 112iC
CTH 174
R 214
CTH 184T
CTH 194
R 214T
CTH 224T
R 213C
R 214C
GTH 264T
R 214TC
LT 126
LT 154
LTH 154
TC 112
R 200iX
TC 114
R 216T AWD
TC 130
TC 138
TC 142
R 316TsX AWD
TC 142T
TC 238TX
TC 239T
TC 242T
TC 242TX
TC 338
TC 342
TC 342T
TC 38
TS 112
TS 114
TS 138
TS 142
TS 142T
TS 142TX
R 316TX
TS 242
TS 243
TS 243T
TS 346
R 320X AWD
TS 348XD
RC 318T
TS 38
RC 320Ts AWD
YTH 184T
YTH 224T
RC 318T
RC 320Ts AWD
TRO050 - Curved ramps, 200x2000x50
Art no: 505 69 90‑43
TRO049 - Curved ramps 200x1500x35 O3B
Art no: 505 69 90‑41
TRO050 - Curved ramps, 200x2000x50
Art no: 505 69 90‑43

Product Description

Curved loading ramps made of sea water resistant aluminium with the well-known slip resistant surface O3, which gives any wheel a secure grip even in wet and slippery environments. The loading ramps are well suited for use on trailers with a height up to 700 mm, and for a maximum total load of 450 kg/pair. The ramps are sold in pairs.