450X by castle
Remarkable capabilities
Our robot lawn mowers manage large and multiple areas, complex lawn designs and obstacles, inclines of up to 70% and wet grass. Ideal for parks, pitches, golf courses, and around facilities, to name a few.
Make every work day better
Increase your productivity, free up hours for more qualified work, get better quality of grass, reduce your carbon footprint and decrease noise emissions on every job.
Automower 550 EPOS
Global leader in robotic mowing
Since 1995, Husqvarna’s robotic technology development has delivered a fleet of highly efficient robotic mowers with excellent results across the globe.

CEORA™ robotic mower range for large scale turf care

CEORA™ robotic mower system covers areas up to 75,000m² per day depending on the grass quality you want, without any boundary wires using innovative GPS technology (EPOS). The unique systematic cutting method provides perfect grass quality in any condition, and with remote control and management, you’re able to enjoy complete control from anywhere. When leasing CEORA™, theft and damage protection is included.

  • Leasing options available
  • Free 30 day trial with money back guarantee
  • 30 days HyperCare included

Automower® robotic mower range for complex and steep slope turf care

Automower® robotic mowers cover smaller areas than CEORA™, manage slopes up to 70% and are an ideal choice for areas up to 6,000m²/day depending on what grass quality you want. They use smart technology that automatically cuts little grass at a time while naturally fertilising the turf,  providing better lawn quality than when using traditional mowers. It also comes with remote control and management. Theft and damage protection is included when leasing.

  • Leasing options available
  • Free 30 day trial with money back guarantee

Remote control and management

When investing in our professional robotic mowers, you also get access to Husqvarna Fleet Services™. A digital, easy-to-use tool for managing and controlling your robotic mowers.

  • Keep track of the exact location of the mowers
  • Review daily performance data to gain insights
  • Receive notifications if something doesn’t work
  • Set boundaries, stay-out zones and more