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Get sharper with the right kind of chainsaw chain

A Husqvarna chainsaw, fitted with a Husqvarna chain, delivers the best possible results. Our chains have been fine-tuned through research, testing, and collaboration with professionals in the industry. The result is high-performance chainsaw chains that give you maximum efficiency.

X-Cut campaign 2.0 Chain gold tooth sparkle
Husqvarna X-CUT® chains
The specially developed X-CUT saw chain has been tested and fine-tuned, following classic Husqvarna procedures, refining its design and ensuring its quality. It’s ready for hard, uninterrupted work, ready to give you maximum efficiency and output.
T540 XP Mark III campaign
Husqvarna X‑Precision™ bars and chains
Husqvarna X‑Precision™ chains and bars, developed for tree care professionals who need high cutting efficiency, outstanding precision, and excellent maneuverability.
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