Functions of Automower® Connect

Automower AIM / Zone Control
Control your mowing zones
Create flexible zones or work areas on your lawn with Automower® Connect – to protect freshly seeded grass, mow the front lawn more often than the back, or steer clear of a newly planted flower bed.
Automower 430X/450X NERA with Google speaker
Integrate with your smart home
Easily integrate Automower® Connect with other devices in your smart home and enable features like asking Google Home to mow your lawn or Amazon Alexa to park Automower®.
Automower Connect Timer
Personalise every setting and schedule
Enjoy the freedom of adjusting Automower® cutting schedules and settings with remote connectivity – such as changing the time of day it will mow or the cutting height of the grass.
Automower 430X/450X NERA with EPOS
Track every movement
Thanks to GPS tracking and full connectivity, you can track the movements of your robot lawn mower in real-time using the map view of Automower® Connect. If it leaves the defined area, you’ll be notified via the app.
ifttt Automower Connect Park your mower
Connect apps and devices with IFTTT
IFTTT applets help match mowing times with ideal weather forecasts or your Google Calendar events, or even to ask Automower® to notify your neighbour of its current status while you’re away – and more.
Man with phone on lawn
Stay informed with tips and exclusive offers
Stay up-to-date on your specific robotic mower with relevant statistics and receive helpful tips and advice for your lawn and products. You can also purchase replacement parts and accessories easily in the app.
Smart watch

Three modes of connection

Mastering the art of perfect lawn care really is as simple as downloading an app. The Automower® Connect app puts you in command to remote control your robotic mower. Depending on the model of your Husqvarna robotic lawn mower, the app provides three modes of connectivity: Bluetooth, Cellular or Wi‑Fi.

Among our latest innovations, Automower® NERA and Automower® Aspire™ models are equipped with Wi‑Fi connectivity – giving you remote and global coverage* over your mower using Automower® Connect with Wi‑Fi.

Bluetooth connection between the Automower® Connect app and the robotic mower is included on all models** and has a range up to 30 metres.
Automower® X-Line models have a built-in cellular connection, giving you full coverage and control from anywhere in the world. This also includes a 10-year mobile data contract***.

*Mower must be connected to Wi-Fi for coverage.
**All models except 105.
***Contract only applicable when a third party provides sufficient mobile coverage in the area.

Automower AIM / Zone Control

Flexible Zone Control

With customisable and flexible zone control, you can create several adjustable work areas with differing cutting schedules or settings and temporary stay-out zones for protecting seasonal flowers and spaces where children play – enabling total control of your lawn conveniently from your smartphone.

New for 2023, Automower® NERA robotic mowers with Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in Kit allow for a completely wire free installation – giving you the flexibility to easily adjust and change your virtual installation according to your garden needs.

Amazon Alexa, Automower 435X AWD

Smart homes choose Automower®

With the Automower® Connect app, you can create your own IFTTT routines and Smart Connections for Automower® – linking to a variety of smart home apps and devices including Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice-controlled mowing, parking, or even singing Happy Birthday. Enjoy the convenience of complete command over Automower® in harmony with your day-to-day calendar or local weather, with information and notifications collected in real-time.