There's a Husqvarna robotic mower for every garden

Take the maintenance out of lawn maintenance with an extensive range of Automower® models. Whether you have steep slopes, narrow passages, tough terrain or more intricate garden designs, there’s a model made to effortlessly mow every lawn to perfection.

Customise your mowing schedule via the Automower® Connect app and define your working area with a physical or virtual boundary then sit back, relax and watch Automower® easily manage the rest. When the job is done or the battery needs recharging, your robot lawn mower automatically returns to its charging station. Rain or shine, day or night, you can rely on Automower® to do the hard work for you.

Automower® highlights

Suburban PGE Dinner
Time-saving solutions
From its trouble-free installation to its automatic charging abilities, Automower® is as independent as it is dependable – saving you time from the very start while always delivering a perfectly cut lawn. Even time spent on cleaning and maintenance is minimal thanks to its robust and reliable design.
Automower 320 NERA
Mowers for every lawn
No two lawns are the same. Whether you have tough slopes, uneven ground, unusual shapes or narrow spaces, there’s a Husqvarna robotic mower made to handle it all with precision and ease. Discover our wide range of robotic mowers – made for the smallest lawns to the biggest gardens.
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Safety & security prioritised
Automower® is extensively tested to comply with safety requirements for users, children and animals. Engineered to reduce the risk of blade contact, stop automatically if lifted or turned over, and detect and avoid objects or obstacles on the lawn. Automower® is also equipped with theft protection features.
Get it right

Husqvarna NERA – a new era of wire free robotic mowing

Automower® NERA robotic lawn mowers with Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in Kit allow for a completely wire-free installation – giving you total flexibility and control to adjust your virtual boundaries according to your garden needs each season.

How to get started with Automower®

Automower installation
Step-by-step installation
Owning Husqvarna Automower® is all about ease of use, which starts with streamlined installation. Whether you do it yourself or contact your local dealer, this guide shows how easy it is to install our robotic lawn mower.
Automower AIM / Zone Control - Web version
Download Automower® Connect app
Mastering the art of perfect lawn care really is as simple as downloading an app – Automower® Connect. The app offers remote control, customised settings and schedules and smart home integration.
Discover Automower® Connect
Automower Aspire R4 with house
Husqvarna robotic mower FAQ
We’ve sparked your interest. Now let us answer your questions. View our FAQ page to learn details about the lifetime of blades and batteries or the benefits of mowing in a random pattern.
Automower 405X

Buy Automower® online

Explore our wide range of robotic mowers – all available to buy online with free home delivery or in-store pick-up at a Husqvarna Automower® dealer. Choose to install yourself or have a professional install for you.

Automower® – the basics

Our patented guide wire helps the mower to find its way back to the charging station, which will reduce searching times especially for complex gardens. It allows multiple starting points for a better cutting result and helps navigate the mower to remote areas on your lawn.

Thanks to its unique cutting system, Automower® has one of the lowest noise levels of all robotic mowers on the market.

Come rain or shine, Automower® is designed to withstand and adapt to changing weather conditions – at any time of day or night.

Efficient energy management means low energy consumption, allowing Automower® to operate at a fraction of the cost of conventional lawn mowers, with no direct emissions during use.

Automower® features numerous measures to protect your robotic mower against theft: PIN code entry, anti-theft alarm, a unique link between the mower and charging station, GeoFence and theft tracking via the Automower® Connect app for models equipped with GPS.

The compact size and low weight of Automower® provide increased manoeuvrability in any garden – making it even easier to carry and store between use.

Pivoting, razor-like cutting blades ensure a clean cut across your lawn. And the leftover shorter clippings improve the health of your lawn – its frequent mowing helps to fertilise the soil.

For enhanced safety, if Automower® tips over or is lifted off the ground, the cutting disc automatically stops.

Husqvarna Automower® – a natural solution of any garden

Automower® is operating in millions of gardens around the world today. The high performance from Automower® is powered by electricity unlike traditional petrol lawn mowers. This means no direct CO2 emissions during the mowing of these millions of lawns, a fact that makes us genuinely proud. As opposed to operating a petrol powered lawn mower with an exhaust engine, Automower® also has a direct positive effect in regards to the handling of the products.

In addition, anyone with a sustainable mindset should also consider the garden itself, as a home to a wide array different of plants and animals. At Husqvarna we understand and respect the importance of maintaining biodiversity in gardens. Interested in learning how?


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Increase productivity and efficiency with the help of a Husqvarna robotic mower – the easy and cost-effective way to mow any type of lawn with a perfect result, freeing up hours for more qualified tasks.