PR image - CEORA with low cut deck on golf course
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Husqvarna expands CEORA™ robotic offering to manage fairway cutting

Husqvarna launches a low-cut deck, enabling the newly introduced professional robotic mower CEORA™ to manage more areas of the golf course. With a capacity of 20,000–25,000 m2 per day, a CEORA™ equipped with the new cutting deck 43L can mow an area of up to three regular-sized fairways every day. The new cutting deck is not limited to mowing fairways – with an electric cutting height adjustment system, the same robotic mower can operate fairways, semi-rough, rough, as well as other sports areas, at cutting heights from 10 to 60mm. The autonomous, electric-powered mower enables more frequent mowing, cost savings, and can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 83% during the machine’s lifecycle compared to a diesel Husqvarna P 525DX ride-on mower.