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Cut faster
The new Mark II generation of the 550 XP® delivers power and performance beyond expectations. When compared to the closest competitor, the 550 XP® Mark II provides a higher* cutting capacity. This translates into a truly excellent increase in overall efficiency. It simply allows you to cut more, in less time. * Tests performed by Husqvarna during 2018, in a controlled environment, of an out-of-box Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II, compared to an out-of-box Stihl MS 261 C-M.
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Forest and Chainsaw 550 XP Mark II
Cut longer
The Mark II 50cc saws are built to endure, no matter the conditions. The new professional grade air filter design, the vastly improved Air Injection™ technology and a new version of AutoTune™ account for reliable uptime.
Chainsaw 550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image
Cut better
At Husqvarna, user-centric design is in our company DNA. For the new 545 Mark II and 550 XP® Mark II, this is proven by an extremely well-balanced saw body with low gyroscopic forces that provides the very best manouverability and handling.

Inspired by the future, driven by the past

The Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II are chainsaws that match you, improved in every way. This means outstanding cutting capacity with acceleration and torque that delivers in any environment. To this, we've added comfort, control and manoeuvrability - all in a reliable and durable package with easy starts, that keeps going as long as it's needed.

Optimised for felling, limbing, removal or cross cutting, the saw is an extension of yourself a perfect fit that channels your skills and experience. Professional forestry performance, tailored to you and your needs. A new way to the perfect cut, for a new chainsaw generation.

550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image

Cutting capacity that makes a difference

Power and speed. And power that’ll get the job done faster than ever before. The Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II will provide you with new, unparalleled levels of cutting capacity, the very best in this size. The optimised combination of high-power output and high chain speed is further enhanced by the use of the SP33G X-CUT™ chain and the durable X-FORCE™ bar.

For the 550 XP® Mark II this translates into an impressive cutting capacity, as much as considerably more than its closest competitor *.

Chainsaw 550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image

Built to withstand, designed to endure

The new Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II have been engineered for maximized durability and reliability, no matter the conditions. Extra attention has been given to the cooling of the engine through an optimised airflow and minute attention to every detail. The carburetor temperature is protected by an extra-strong heat shield, helping the overall cooling capacity as well as enabling easier starts during hot conditions or when you’ve operated the engine intensely.

Chainsaw 550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image

Manoeuvrability - Part of the Husqvarna DNA

At Husqvarna, we’ve focused on comfort and user-centric design for the better part of 60 years. It’s in our DNA. This is why the new Husqvarna 550 XP® Mark II and 545 Mark II are carefully designed to be easy to handle, with minimised gyro forces and as little resistance as possible when moving the chainsaw during limbing operations.

Basically, it’s all about smart design. Of the principle of the outboard clutch, the size of the flywheel. And about the placement, the size and the angle of the handles.

Chainsaw 545 Mark II

The perfect combination for the perfect job

Different tasks require different tools. And different cutting jobs require different amounts of power, acceleration and flexibility. Combining the new 545 Mark II and the 550 XP® Mark II will get you a long way towards the desired result.

The 545 Mark II is the perfect choice for all-round forestry and ground crew work. Its optimised combination of cutting capacity and manoeuvrability makes it an excellent choice for professional part-time users.

Chainsaw 550 XP 545 Mark II - Action image

Committed to your success - Husqvarna 2-year warranty

Buying a Husqvarna chainsaw, provides you with power, performance and quality, all based on 60 years of thought leadership and innovation. Our long experience, expertise and our confidence in the performance of our products is assured through our extended 2-year warranty.
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60 years of cutting experience and expertise

At Husqvarna, we know chainsaws. We really should. After all, we’ve been providing the world with some of the very best machines ever since 1959. So, obviously we also know the challenges you face when using them. Our smart solutions and innovations like the Air Injection™ technology, AutoTune™ performance software or X-Torq® engine technology have helped advance chainsaw performance, optimise power output and even save on your fuel consumption in our machines.