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An autonomous solution that provides the time to focus on the details

A golf course greenkeeper’s main task is to create the perfect playing environment. So, what if there was a way to save valuable time, time previously spent on mowing the grass? What if – when the greenkeeper arrives at work in the morning, the work of mowing fairways and semi-roughs has already been taken care of? With autonomous solutions for golf courses from Husqvarna, the solution is at hand.

Husqvarna has been driving progress within autonomous mowing for a long while now, and with the introduction of CEORA™ for golf courses, new avenues are opening up, new and better ways to deploy time and resources to arrive at the wanted end result – an inviting, well maintained environment for the players.

A time-saving solution

A number of golf courses in Europe have started to switch to autonomous mowing, among them are Österåkers Golf Club in Sweden, GC Hamburg-Walddörfer in Germany, and Golf Bluegreen in Pléneuf-Val-André in France. Their respective greenkeepers and their staff have all been given the opportunity to experience the benefits of not having to spend portions of their days just cutting grass.

“The use of robot lawn mowers has really helped out”, says Erik Gripenberg, course manager at Österåkers. ”I can put my greenkeepers doing other jobs. Instead of just cutting they can maintain the bunkers, take care of the surroundings and make everything look a bit better every day.”

A wide range of improvements

The introduction of autonomous mowing has been met with positive feedback from the staff. Not only does it save time, but it also improves the working conditions for workers who no longer have to care for potentially dangerous slopes.

“My staff have embraced it, they’re starting to understand what the machine is doing and where the benefits are going forward”, says Steve Lloyd at Worcestershire Golf Club in the UK.