Ride-On Mowers for Residential Use

HUSQVARNA Small Ride On Lawn Mower - R 112C

Power/fuel type
Cutting width, min
85 cm
HUSQVARNA Small Ride On Lawn Mower - R 112C - 967 17 84‑02

Not included

  • Steering knob

Product Description

If you want a real Husqvarna ride-on mower, with its ability to navigate around flowerbeds, bushes, trees and other obstacles on your lawn, but size is one of your main concerns, the Husqvarna R 112C rider is the perfect choice. The compact design of this small ride-on mower ensures easy handling even in tight spaces and makes it easy to store. Despite the smaller design of these riders, you'll enjoy excellent traction even in slopes and wet conditions. Articulated steering lets you turn quickly with a minimal turning radius, and the front-mounted cutting deck gives you an excellent overview of the mowing area.