At what temperature can I use, charge and store my Automower® robotic lawn mower?

For safety reasons, your Automower® robotic lawn mower is designed to operate only within a specific temperature range. If the temperature falls outside these limits, the mower will not start, preventing potential damage to the product due to extreme temperatures.

The following table outlines the temperature ranges for operation, storage and charging of Automower® robotic lawn mowers:

PurposeTemperature (°C)Temperature (°F)

To ensure that your mower does not get too hot while charging, make sure that the charging station is put in an area with protection from the sun.

Click here to find out where to best place the charging station.

How is the temperature measured?

The temperature is measured by a sensor located inside the chassis. The registered value may therefore differ slightly from the ambient temperature.

Lawn care and temperature

Theoretically, your mower can work within the entire operating temperature range, but it is usually not necessary to mow the lawn when it gets colder than approximately 8°C/40°F (may vary depending on grass type). This is because the grass more or less stops growing at this temperature. Also, the grass is extra sensitive to wear if the garden is covered with frost, so it is good for your lawn to give it a bit of rest when it is cold.

It is a good idea to adjust the schedule when it gets cold outside. Husqvarna offers two features that can help you adjust the mowing schedule automatically to the grass growth and the ambient temperature:

For personalised assistance with your robotic lawn mower, please contact your local Husqvarna dealer.

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